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What percent of France is rich?

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99.7%. You might find some beggars in the streets.

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Is France poor or rich?


Did France make new France rich?


How rich is France compared to other countries?

Moderately rich.

How much percent of africans live in France?

how much percent of africans live in france?

Is France a rich or a poor country and why?

France is the sixth economy in the world. It is a developed country, and a rich one if you are judging by its GDP.

Is Egypt poor or rich?

As a country it is rich. The people are not. The extremes are reflected in the country's distribution of income: in 1996, the wealthiest 20 percent of Egyptians controlled 40 percent of the country's wealth, while the poorest 20 percent controlled only 9.8 percent of wealth. The rich are rich and remain rich. The majority of the population is poor compared to American standards.

Is France rich or poor Why?


Does France have rich soil?


What is France famous for and why?

Actually France is famous for his food and his rich history

What percent of US wealth do the rich 1 percent control?


How many rich people live in India?

42 percent are poor in India so 58 percent are rich people in India.

What percent of people work on farms in France?

33.4 percent of people farm in france follow me on instagram- misz_magzz

What percent of races is Jewish in France?

France has about 480,000 Jews, which is three-quarters of one percent of France's population.

What percent of France is Muslim?

7% of France is Muslim as of 2008.

Is french Guiana rich or poor?

yes it is fairly rich, because it is a part of france.

Was France rich in middle ages?

The monarchy was rich, but for the most part people weren't.

What is the employment rate for France?

France's employment rate is currently 64 percent. The unemployment rate in France is currently at 10.1 percent down from 10.4 percent.

Is France a rich country or a poor country?

France is a rich country. It has the 5th largest economy in the world. The GDP per capita of France is also one of the highest in the world (about the 21st or 22nd highest).

Why did poor people in France resent the rich?

The poor were envious of the easy life the rich people had

When was Catherine Rich born?

Catherine Rich was born on June 10, 1932, in Paris, France.

What percent of people in France speak provencal?

About 350,000 people, which is about half a percent.

What percentage of the world's wine is produced in France?

France accounts for 12 percent of world vineyard area, 20 percent of world wine production, and 16 percent of world wine consumption

What was the percent of peasants in France in the 1700?


What percent of people in France are literate?


What is the percent of people who recycle in France?


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