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Who are Polands trading partners?

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Germany 27 percent, Italy 6.6 percent, France 6.2 percent, 5.7 percent and the Czech Republic 4.3 percent.

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Who are Brazil trading partners?

who cares about the trading partners

Who are Mesopotamia's trading partners?

who were mesopotamias trading partners?

Who are the major trading partners that trade with Germany?

Who are the major trading partners with Germany

Scotland trading partners?

America and Germany are two of Scotland's largest trading partners. Some of their other significant trading partners include the Netherlands and France.

Major trading partners for Sudan?

SUDAN'S MAIN TRADING PARTNERS: Its main trading partners are the former USSR, Iran, India, China, the USA and Germany.

Is Canada one of France's trading partners?

Yes, Canada and France are trading partners.

Would England and Canada make good trading partners?

They are already good trading partners.

Canada and its trading partners?

Canada and its trading partners are what you call friend's trade, sell, and buy from each other. there are many sites to look for stuff about Canada and its trading partners.

What are some of the largest trading partners in Canada?

The country of Canada has many trading partners. The largest trading partners are the United States, China, Mexica, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.

What are trading partners?

Trading partners are two or more people or groups who trade/barter with one another.

What are Argentina's major trading partners?

brazil, usa, chile, and china are argentina's major trading partners

What are the two trading partners of canada?

Under the NAFTA agreement, the trading partners of Canada are U.S.A and Mexico

Is Canada one of the United Kingdom's trading partners?

Yes Canada and uk are trading partners

What are the release dates for Trading Partners - 1984?

Trading Partners - 1984 was released on: USA: 1984

What are the Major trading partners of England?

THE major trading partners of England are the U.S., Germany, France,Ireland and Atlantis

What countries are trading partners with Indonesia?

China, Afghanistan, Europe, Mexico, Brazil are all trading partners with Indonesia.

What are Mesopotamia trading partners?

Some of Mesopotamia's trading partners were Egypt, India, and other city states in Mesopotamia

Who are Iraq's 3 main trading partners?

the 3 main trading partners for Iraq are france, brazil, and japan

Who are Lebanon's major trading partners?

Lebanons major trading partners are Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Syria and Iraq.

What are major trading partners of Lebanon?

The main trading partners of the Lebanon are Saudi Arabia Syria Kuwait and Iraq.

What are the trading partners of Egypt?

egypts major trading partners were the Britain although, there wasalso the sovial union and eastern Europe

What are the largest trading partners of the United States?

Canada and Mexico are the largest and second-largest trading partners of the United States.

Who are Columbia's main trading partners?

Its main trading partners are the USA, Germany, Venezuela, Japan, France, Ecuador and the UK.

What are djiboutis major trading partners?

the major partners of djbootie is djbootie

Who are the trading partners of Venezuela?