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12 percent

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Why is temperature less of a limiting factor in water biomes than in land biomes

The kind of biome that will develop in an area is determined by temperature and

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Q: What percent of the Earth's landmass is covered by tropical forest?
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What percent of the earths landmass is Africa?

Africa has 20 percent of the earth's total landmass.

What percent of the world is Tropical rain forests?

Rainforests once covered 14% percent of the earths surface, now they cover a mere 6%

What percent of earth's surface is covered by forest?

2 percent of the earths surface is covered with the rainforest.

Is it true that 91 percent of earths surface is covered in water?


What percent of earths surface is covered in salt water?


During the recent ice age glaciers covered almost what percent of earths land?

During the recent ice age, glaciers covered almost 30 percent of earths land.

What is the percentage of the earths surface covered in water?

About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered.

Approximately how much of Earths surface is covered by land?

70 percent

How much of earths suface is covered in water?

Mostly 75 percent

Which attributes describe Sixth Fleets area of responsibility?

Covers 30 percent of the earths landmass, covers 20 million square miles of ocean, touches more than 67 percent of the earths coastline

What is the earths land masses?

Earth's landmass is the part of earth total area that is covered by land and solid mass; it occupies about 21% of earths total surface area. Earth's landmass consists of the soils, continents, rocks, vegetations, and every other landforms and structures present on the earths surface. Geographically we can say that the Earth's landmass is the areas ocupied by the crust, the lithosphere and the solid part of the biosphere.

Which planet is 70 percent water?

the earths surface is 70% covered by water

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