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Muslim women should only marry Muslim men but some break the rule

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Can Muslim women get married to Hindu men?

a muslim women can not marry any men who is not muslim

Can a married Muslim women flirt with men?

No, Muslim women cannot flirt with any men. It is forbidden in Islam.

What percentage of gay men are married to women?

The vast majority of gay men married to women are closeted, so the percentage is unknown.

Do Christian women who married Muslim men have to convert to Islam?

Christian women who marry Muslim men don't have to convert to Islam.

Can Muslim kiss?

A Muslim Women Or men Both Can Kiss If they are married and privatly

What percentage of married men commit adultery?

No official records are available. However, the percentage of men committing adultery in non Muslim countries is much higher than in Muslim countries.

Can Muslims marry who they want?

Muslim men are allowed to marry the People of the Books (Christians or Jews) and the Muslim women are only allowed to be married to a Muslim man.

What is the percentage of men and women being pediatricians?

The percentage of women out njumber the percentage of men.

Can American men shake hands with Muslim women?

No. Muslim women are not permitted to shake hands with men.

Can a Muslim man marry a Muslim divorced woman?

Yes, Muslims believe in divorce so there wouldn't be a problem unless the families didn't approve of them. yes a Muslim man can marry a Muslim divorced women, but in some cultural societies a Muslim divorced women will not be accepted by men, as most men like women who have not been married, in most cases it will take a very long time until she gets married

Why are Muslim men separated from Muslim women in a mosque?

Men and women are separated so they aren't distracted from their prayers.

Where do Muslim men worship?

Specifically Muslim men (as opposed to Muslim women) pray in the front and center of a Mosque. Muslim women pray at the sides or the back of the mosque so that their image does not distract the men.

What are the roles of Muslim men women and children?

the role of Muslim men is to earn money for their family women to look after the family

Percentage of married men who cheat?

It's 99 percentage married men cheat on there wife

What can Muslim women not do?

There are many things that Muslim women can not do, including speaking in a loud tone. Muslim women should also not hang out with men.

Who can a Muslim get married to?

Muslim men can marry women from among other religion who are people of the book, but Muslim women are allowed to only marry among Muslim men. This is to prevent the disputes for when children are born, they may have no difficulty so as to what relligion of their parents they shall persue. Other then that there is no concept of Lesbian or Gay marriage in Islam.

How often do muslim men marry american women?

Many Muslim men marry with Muslim and/or Christian/Jewish women especially if they are originally from the same home country.

Why do Muslim men have to be modest?

It is an Islamic religion requirement, for both Muslim men and women to be modest.

Is OK for a married Muslim man to cheat on his wife with a non Muslim woman?

No, It's not OK. Cheating is forbidden for both men & women, whether with Muslims or non-Muslims.

Why don't I see Muslim women in the work place?

In Muslim culture, the women are not the providers; men are. Women are not encouraged to go out in public.

What are the rules of marriage of a Muslim woman with a norwagian national man?

Muslim Women are not allowed to marry anyone not Muslim. Men can but women cant.

What Muslim women can and cannot do?

All obligations and requirements per Islam religion that should be maintianed and followed by Muslim women are the same as that to be followed by Muslim men. Accordingly, you can refer to the question below on the fundamentals of Islam where all of them apply for both Muslim men and women.

Can a muslim woman marry a hindu man?

Not if she needs to stay in good odor with the bearded ones. Strict Islam allows MEN to marry two kinds of non-Muslims: Jews and Christians, the theory being that since men dominate women, the male can repel any nonIslamic influence from his wife. Muslim women, however, can only be married to Muslim men.

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