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What percentage of boat owners also own dogs?


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There are no stats for this question. However, dog owners are growing and the owners are from all walks of life. Some psychiatrists use a dog in their office to keep their patients calm (child/adult.) Children's hospitals will also use dogs as well as nursing homes. It's a proven fact that pets that owners love (be it dog, cat, bird, fish, etc.) will lower a person's blood pressure significantly. Stats say that dog owners that truly love their pets will live longer. Dogs can: Water-ski Scuba dive Parachute (used during WWII) Live on boats Live in construction camps (mine did) Companions for truck drivers Camping Fishing **If you live on a boat then go to your local ASPCA or SPCA (Canada) and get an adult dog. Many of these dogs need a good home, are fantastic animals, smart and willing to please. They would already know the ropes of life, and less likely to fall off the boat and drown. Puppies shouldn't be left to roam around a boat. Dogs are extremely loyal and they will do almost anything to please their owners. Most dogs are extremely protective of their owners and families and don't think little dogs are left out when it comes to being great watch dogs. My Bichon Frise' is 20 lbs., and muscular and she means business. If I give the word "OK" she will back off. A small dog can go up someones leg like a rusty can opener. I also own a cat that is a good "watch cat" and you don't mess with "Molly Brown!" I only have to say "attack" and she'd be on someone like ugly on an ape. She's smart and I take full advantage of that. She's loving, yet loyal and watches over our family. If another dog goes after one of my dogs, the cat goes so ballistic that dog never enters our property again and that goes for Pitt Bulls! LOL Marcy


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