What percentage of land on earth is dominated by humans?

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29% of Earth is land mass. Of that 29% humans occupy less than 1% of that area. Of the remaining 28% about 40% is pure wilderness. 14% is true desert and 15% has desert like characteristics. 9% is Antarctica. Most of the remaining 22% are agricultural areas. There may be other areas with a human footprint of some kind.
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Why are there humans on Earth?

To ask philosophical questions Because if humans weren't around, there would be no one to ask What is the meaning of life? Answer There are human's on Earth because of a semantic identification of ourselves as humans and this planet as Earth. Silicon based fluorine breathers on a planet circl ( Full Answer )

How did humans get on earth?

Asking how did humans get on the Earth makes it sound like we were dropped here by some Fedex system in space. We evolved from preexisting life forms through the process of natural selection or evolotuion. Our lineage back to the earliest life forms is trackable and accepted by credible scientists, ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the earth is land?

By the most common criteria used (which includes swamps and seasonal dry land), the Earth has a land surface of 144,940,000 km 2 , which is about 29.2% of the total surface area of the planet.

What is the percentage of land in India?

The percentage of land in India in terms of total landscape of earth is 2.3% , India is the 7th in terms of land area which is preceded by 1. Russia (11.5%), 2. Canada (6.7%), 3. China (6.4%), 4. USA (6.5%), 5. Brazil (5.7%) and 6. Australia (5.2%)

The Percentage Of Sea and Land?

Very nearly 70 % of the Earth is ocean. According to Quran, Land occupies 28.8888888888889 % of the Earth and Water occupies 71.1111111111111% of the Earth.

Dominant recessive traits in humans?

1. freckles: dominant no freckles: recessive 2. dark eyes: dominant light eyes: recessive 3. free earlobe:dominant attached earlbe: recessive 4. polydactilism (6 fingers or toes): dominant 5 fingers or toes: recessive 5. normal chin: recessivecleft chin: dominant 6. can roll tongue: domina ( Full Answer )

How did humans get on the earth?

The bible tells us that God made Adam from the dust of the earth. I think that the word "Dust" was used to indicate that the earth contains all that is required to make a human being as all of the atoms (Dust) were brought together. It would not be hard for God to command certain atoms to join toget ( Full Answer )

Who is the dominant human race?

There is NO dominant race. Everyone is equal! -Scientifically this is wrong, in a relationship the man is more likely to have the more dominant gene, for example a white man and latin woman are more likely to have a white child, less likely to have a latin child or a mixed race. Mixed races are v ( Full Answer )

Why are humans on this Earth?

Because Earth happened to meet all of the criteria necessary for supporting life which eventually evolved into humans. Now that we are here we will continue to reproduce until we no longer can. To say that we are here to worship a god is to assume that there is one. Scientific answers please, save t ( Full Answer )

What is the most dominant species on earth?

No. While you may not think about it, Bacteria is actually on top of the food chain, and has the biggest population of 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or five million trillion trillion estimated. Even besides that, some animals in some categories beat man.

What is the percentage of the earths atmosphere compared to land and sea area?

This question does not work: atmosphere is volume, and land and sea area is just that, area. You cannot compare one to the other. Perhaps what you mean to ask is the ratio of the atmosphere's volume to the Earth's volume. The Earth's radius is around 6350 km, and the official edge of space in 100 ( Full Answer )

Is earth a Human?

No, Earth is a planet (dirt could also be called earth). People (such as you and I) are humans.

What is the dominant sense in humans?

Vision because 70% of all the sensory receptros in the body are in the eyes, and nearly half of the cerebral cortex is involved in some aspect of visual processing.

Percentage of animals living on land?

There is no answer. We have no idea how many animals live on land or in the oceans. However, we have identified more animals on land than in the oceans (theyr'e quite a bit easier to find).

What percentage of the water on earth is available for human use?

This depends on what you mean with 'human use'. But it is estimated that 2.75 percent of all water on Earth is fresh water (which I believe is what you mean). Most of that however (2.05) is frozen in glaciers. A further 0.68 percent is ground water, with only 0.011 percent being surface water (in ( Full Answer )

What percentage of Australia's land is inhabited?

Approximately 10 % of Australia is inhabited. Although much of the land is used for livestock and farming, this land is not actually inhabited. There are vast tracts of land which are completely isolated from any settlement.

What is the percentage of land uses in Australia?

Land use in Australia can be broken down into the followingapproximate divisions: 62%: Agricultural land and livestock grazing 16%: Minimal use, meaning reserved, vacant or crown land 13% native title and protected areas, including indigenous uses 6.5%: nature conservation 2%: Forestry 0.5%: built ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the earths serface is land?

land is 28.888888888889 percent and the water is 71.111111111111. This is the exact percentage. Due to the Quran, the water (Bahar) word is mentioned 32 times, since land (Bar) is mentioned 13 times. So, 32 + 13 = 45 32 / 45 = 0.71111111111111 x 100 = 71.111111111111% 13 / 45 = 0.28888888888889 x ( Full Answer )

Is Earth a male dominant world?

Depends on how you think of it. If you are looking for a straight forward yes or no answer, than you will not receive one because it's a matter of either people look at it as facts or opinions on this matter. If you are talking about a specific region in which males are more dominant than the female ( Full Answer )

Did dinosaurs dominate the earth?

No, there were no people in the time of the dinosaurs. Humans came about 3 million years ago and by then all the dinosaurs were extinct. . Dinosaurs lived during the late Triassic period, 280 million years to the late Cretaceous, 65 million years.. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_did_ ( Full Answer )

Which is likely to be the dominant species after humans?

Dogs were thought to be the most dominant after humans because of the size of the species and the tactics of its species.then again the more less dominant species of prim mates were thought to rule the earth, but they're only in parts of the planet as in dogs are spread across the globe. So the worl ( Full Answer )

When did the medieval castles dominate the land?

As they are "medieval" castled, they were built to dominate the land in "medieval" times - that is in the Middle Ages, a period of European history encompassing the 5th to the 15th centuries, from the collapse of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance.

What percentage of the earths surface has been affected by human activities?

Some parts of the Earth's surface have been affected more profoundly by human activities than other parts, but all parts have been affected to some degree, so my answer is 100%. Don't forget, global warming affects the entire globe (to give just one example of how humans have affected the Earth). Va ( Full Answer )

How much of the land area of earth is covered by human construction?

Only a tiny fraction of it is. Most of earth's surface is desert or tundra, and as such is largely unoccupied. Mumbai has 30,000 people per square kilometer. Karachi, Pakistan has about 20,000. Sapporo, Japan, about 5000. Denver, Colorado has only 1,500 people per square km. The median of the wor ( Full Answer )

Could humans have dominated the earth 4 billion years ago?

In science Humans Started living on Earth 200,000 years ago and Dominated it 10,000 years. But What is Science itself It depends on what you believe in humans could have lived on the planet for 4 billion years or 9999 trillion years And a trace of human body has went as FAR as 200,000 years but ther ( Full Answer )

What percentage of earths land does the US cover?

9,158,960 km 2 of 148,940,000 ~= 0.061494293 or6.1494293% Takes land area only into account. For more information please seethe wikipedia page list of countries by area.