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you are taller than 96% of the population

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Q: What percentage of people are taller than six feet?
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What percentage of men are taller than 6 feet?


Can people grow taller than eight feet.?

yes it is possible for people to grow taller than 8 feet.

What percentage of the world are you taller than if you are six feet tall?

94% of the world.

Did people thirty feet or taller ever exist?

No. Animals taller than 30 feet, such as dinosaurs, have existed, but never humans.

Is 64 inches long taller than 2 feet?

64 inches is taller than 2 feet.

How much taller than Naruto is Deidara?

He is 1.5 feet taller than Naruto.

Do taller people have bigger hands and feet than smaller people?

99/100 times yes

Is 53 inches taller or 5 feet?

5 feet (60 inches) is taller than 53 inches.

How much taller is a polar bear than a human?

About three feet taller than an average human

What is taller 110 or 9'4?

110 feet is taller than 9 ft 4!

What is taller 14 meters or 55 feet?

55 feet equals 16,764 metres.So 55 feet is taller than 14 m.

Is 5 feet bigger than 2 feet?

Yes. 5 feet is 3 feet longer or taller than 2 feet.

Which is taller 1.4 meters or 5 feet?

Five feet is taller than 1.4 meters since 1.4 meters = about 4'7".

Are any of the members of Big Bang 6 feet or taller?

None of the Big Bang members are taller than or are 6 feet.

Is the Eiffel Tower taller than the Space Needle?

Yes, at 1,063 feet, the Eiffel Tower is 458 feet taller than the 605-foot Space Needle.

How much taller was a T. Rex than an elephant?

a t-rex was 1 feet taller than an elephant

How namy feet taller is Mount Everest Than Mount Whitney?

Mount Everest is 14,524ft taller than Mount Whitney.

How long is 14 to 19 feet tall?

Taller than me....

How tall is bowser bout 15 feet?

10 feet tall, which is 4 feet taller than Mario.

Can taller people jump farther than fast people?

Yes, taller people can jump farther than fast people. They have the tendency to cross the distance.

How short is 2 feet is to 64 inches?

64 inches is taller than 2 feet

Is the Empire State Building taller than Freedom Tower?

No. Freedom Tower will stand about 50 feet taller than the fallen Twin Towers, and the Twin Towers were taller than the Empire State Building.

How much taller than Marvin Humes than Aston Merrygold?

2 feet

How tall was molly brown?

taller than a centimeter, shorter than 100 feet.

Do taller people have a greater lung capacity than shorter people?

Taller people have more lung capacity