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Q: What percentage of people have smartphones?
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How smartphones changed how people feel about technology?

Yes because people like how the smartphones have maps on it and also smartphones have games which children can play with so it has chnaged how people feel about technology.

How many people have smartphones?

Many people

How many smartphones in the world?

about 150M people

What percentage of smart phones are 3g phones?

The percentage of 3g smartphones is 31 percent for 24 to 35-year-olds. hope this was helpful!

How many people use GPS?

About % of the people with the Smartphones use the GPS.

Which people use Samsung smartphones?

People who are smarter than Iphone users)

How many people uses smartphones?

let say over 300 million


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How many people in South Africa is using smartphones?

approx 34 million in South Africa

Which country is the largest manufacturer of smartphones?

Mexico is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

What kind of phone was invented after the mobile phones?

Smartphones learn to use this from-:i-softinc

What is the advantage of having a hightech cell phone?

Smartphones are convenient and easy to use. They also have multiple functions. In addition to calling and text messaging, people can take pictures, surf the web, play games, watch television, and listen to music. Then, how do people use their smartphones?

How do smartphones improve society?

Smartphones allow for quick transfer of information. They can be used for faster communication and news. Smartphones are also very small, and the technology is very advanced.

Do More With Smartphones?

Smartphones combine computing power with traditional mobile phone features. People like smartphones because they allow users to stay in touch with their friends on social networks, check the news, surf the Web, blog, play games and get driving directions while they are away from their computer. With the right app installed, smartphones give users the power to video chat, create presentations and do other important tasks.

What is the percentage of people who text while driving?

the percentage of people who text while driving is equal to the percentage of people who have phones and can drive

What percentage of people is literate of Jamaica?

what percentage of people in jamaica the have literate?

What is the percentage of people who travel by plane?

What is the percentage of people who travel by air?

Are Sony Ericsson mobile phones smartphones?

Not all Sony Ericsson mobile phones are smartphones. Their Xperia line is all smartphones, but they have other models that are not smartphones, for instance, the Yendo. It has nice features like a touch screen and borrows its looks from the Xperia X10 mini, but it is not a smartphone.

What is the percentage of people on the earth?

There is no percentage. If so, percentage from what? There are a certain amount of people in the world, not percentage, and I don't know that number. Look it up!

Where can I find a comparison of the best smartphones?

CNET Review has conducted a review of smartphones. The reviews can be viewed at They currently rate the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx as #1.

Are there prepaid smartphones?

There are prepaid smartphones available from many places such as large retail stores such as Walmart. Individual phone stores such as Telus and Rogers as well as Bell also have prepaid smartphones available.

How dependent are people on Phones?

It really depends on what you mean. With just the regular phone functionality, people are becoming less and less dependent with the web and email. The internet is changing the way people communicate, so phones aren't as important in communication. If you mean smartphones, then we're not dependent on them at all. If there were no more smartphones, people would just turn to computers. They are essentially the same thing.

How does smartphones work?


Who manufactures smartphones?


When did smartphones emerge?

They didn't.