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What percentage of the US military are college graduates?

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Enlisted, pretty small, a few percent tops. Officers would be around 99%, there are still a few ways to earn a commission without a college degree.

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What percentage of college graduates are working in their field of study in the US?


What percentage of US college graduates have a 2.5 GPA or higher?

Around 89% in 2010

How many college graduates in 2007 in US?

"How many college graduates in 2007 in US?"

Percentage of college graduates in US?

I just read this about a week ago and was surprised because it is 26%. I thought it would be higher.

What percentage of college graduates become surgeons?

2% but the fastest growing occupation in the US iis physician assistant-JoymakerRN

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Which nationality is most likely to attend college?

According to the College Board, Russia has the highest percentage of college graduates , associates degrees or better, with 54 %. Canada is second with 48.3%. The US is in 12th place with 40.4%.

How many US Presidents are graduates of a military academy?

Three: US Military Academy: * Ulysses Grant * Dwight Eisenhower US Naval Academy: * Jimmy Carter

What percentage of the US workforce is employed by the military?

what percentage of the workforce is in the military/ Type your answer here...

What percent of the US population are college graduates?

According to the US Census Bureau report on educational attainment 2003, 27.2% have a college degree.

What percentage of the US Naval Academy graduates become Admirals?


Are West Point graduates commissioned officers?

Yes, graduates of the US Military Academy at West Point are offered officers' comissions upon graduation.

What percentage of military servicemen are affiliated with which religions and denominations?

Percentage representation of various religions in US military

Can you join any branch of the US military without a high school diploma and without a GED?

No, there are no US Military forces that accept non-graduates or those who do not have a GED.

What was one reason that the Confederacy had capable military commanders?

The Confederacy had capable military commanders because many West Point graduates resigned from the US to join the Confederacy. Also, each Southern state had at least one private military college. VMI in Virginia is one such example.

What percentage of millionaires in the US have served in the military?


When did women finally get accepted at the US Military Academy at West Point?

In 1976 with the first graduates in the Class of 1980.

What percentage of us military personnel voted for Obama?


Number of US college graduates per year?

The closest figure I could find is that as of the 2000 Census 44,460,000 people in the US have a college education. An estimate would be that about a million people a year graduate from college.

What percentage of the US workforce have college degrees?


What is the Percentage of US population that graduate from college?


What percentage of US students graduate to college?

About 80%

What is the largest engineering college in the US?

In terms of graduates at all three levels (bachelor's, master's and PhD), the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) has the largest engineering college in the US.

What percentage of the us is army airborne infantry?

20% of the US military is airborn ☺

What is the percentage of the US population is in the military in 2007?

Answer: 0 percent. All of the country's military is now in 2008.