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What permits do you require to open a restaurant in Marietta Georgia?

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Have you started with your health dept,and contractor of construction, they should have lots of answers. just a starting point- chamber of commerce may have information on offices to contact

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No. Georgia does not require gun registration, nor permits (other than permits to carry concealable arms) Link to a summary of Georgia gun laws:

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Georgia law requires that to be issued a concealed carry firearms license, you must be 21 years old. Georgia does not require permits to possess firearms.

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Can I be financed $10,000 for my restaurant business?

Advance Restaurant Finance is a great company to go through to help furnish your restaurant. The best part about this company is that they require NO collateral.

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Not all Cities require permits to work on your own Property, of the ones that do, Usually you contact the office of Building Permits, or Building Permits, and Zoning. Likewise, Usually City's have a City Office Number, or City Switchboard Number to call, by which you will be directed to the correct office.

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When she got caught the 4th time.

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