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Night-flying moths cover geranium leaves with little black eggs, which hatch into leaf-eating larvae. The pest therefore involves two stages in the life cycle of a lepidopteran. The adult lays the eggs while the larvae, known as budworms, devour the foliage.

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Q: What pest covers almost every geranium leaf that it eats with little black eggs?
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Spider mites or tobacco budworm may be the pest that appears to leave black eggs and munch on geranium leaves.Specifically, the tobacco budworm moth (Helicoverpa virescens ) deposits eggs that gray from an original white or yellow-white with age. Spider mites (Tetranychidae family) look like black, minuscule, moving specks of dirt. Budworm eggs mature into larvae that relish geranium buds and shoots. They share their love for geranium foliage with spider mites.

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