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What philosophies are associated with war?


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With the consideration that a civil war qualifies as a war associated with a political and economic philosophy, then Marxism qualifies as being the driving ideas behind an internal revolution. Marx and Hegel were certain that the working class would not come to power without a civil war of sorts. That is what the difference was between Fabian Socialism and Marxist dictatorial socialism. The Fabian Society began late in the 19th century and its founders believed that little by little the English capitalistic economy and society would see the benefits of a democratic socialism there. When Marx and Engels looked at English capitalism, they saw only a workers' revolution to bring about a dictatorial form of socialism. This would be one leap forward to true communism where classes would vanish and social equality would reign. New technologies would spring forth to feed and cloth the people. Medical care and education would be free as well. Eventually the need of any form of government would evaporate.