What phrase did Ras cardo coined to show the role of technology in society today?

Ras Cardo coined and invented the phrase- TECHNO-TYRANNICAL SOCIETY- to show how the technology we have created will enlsave us as a tyrant as a person would. He also explained and showed us how this happens in an attempt to cause genocide upon a people. In his landmark writings on this topic-" A technotyrannical society, Rasta prophesy- Babylon's genocidal plans to enslave humanity"- he describes the various strategies and schemes used by some with the help of the technology they create to control and to ultimately destroy the lives of others. Clearly he has warned and has shown us that the technology we create will ultimately determine our fate. You may read some of his current writings on this and other issues on his blog www.rascardoreggae .newsvine.com. and other places.