What pig hunting dog is the best pig hunting dog?

cattle dog gray hound cross pitty

the best is the catahoula leopard (chase dog) and a big pit bull (catch dog)

If you are just planning on running bay dogs, curs and hounds are the naturals. For catch dogs you may have seen the guys on "Hogs Gone Wild" running a wolfhound (or maybe a deerhound), a pit-mix and a great dane. While these dogs (or any powerful breed with prey drive) can certainly do the job I think that you should stick with a breed that is purpose bred like the dogo argentino or consider a pit or any of the athletic bully breeds (like American bulldogs). Mastiffs are not necessarily such great catch dogs. They can certainly do the job, but they are injury prone and tend to have limited stamina and heat tolerance. You need a strong, confident, fearless dog with a lot of drive that can tolerate heat, cold and long hours of heavy exertion.