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lol. im trying to figure the same thing out


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Try working at a summer camp. Also, for kids who are on their way to college there are jobs on Mackinac Island that would be an amazing opportunity.

What jobs are hiring teens in phoenix, arizona?

Yes teens can get jobs from many places.

Fast food restaurants are always good places for teens to start. Most fast food restaurants are very good about hiring teens. Some of them, such as Chick-fil-a offer scholarships for students who have worked there a while.

Babysitting Mall stores Pet sitting ect.

Burger king & McDonalds babysitting mostly fast food restrants

Walmart is always hiring, and so is Kmart

in most places you have to be fifteen before you can get a job

During the Salem Witch trials, Mary Warren was claimed to be the oldest accuser. She was believed to be either in her late teens or early twenties.

For a teen, you will especially want to try local places. Fast food restaurants, department stores, gas stations, and retail stores are all prone to hiring at young ages like teens.

i work at a hockey rink every friday!! In Florida, Publix hires at 14 and Walgreens at 16.

-Restaurants -Fast food places

Yes there are. They even have some places with a daycare!

There are several places to find car insurances for teens. Most (local) banks and inssurance providers have special insurrances for teens owning a car.

Unfortunately, the Michigan area is not a viable modeling market, which means that there are not many credible, legit and reputable modeling agencies for teens. There are one or two agencies that appear legit but they do not specialize in teen models.

Many stores actually. You need a workers permit from your high school which you can acquire by asking a counseler or career office... Places like KFC, Starbucks, Rubys, recreational places for like camps, grocery stores, pretty much any fast food place, Peet's coffee etc. Hope this helps

Average temperature here in Western Michigan are in the high 20s/low 30s in the day time, into the high teens and low 20s at night.

Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, and Love Coulture are good places

Because alcohol and beer are at gambling places.

it is about 5 teens who investigate reportedly haunted places to see if it is haunted or not.

1) Teens are good drivers 2) Sometimes teens do not crash cars 3) Teens learn to drive 4) They can go places 5) Cars are good

Most of the time, people that are doing the hiring might want someone who is older and not looking for just a summer job. Also other teens that work give a bad name to the good ones. Alot of teens are late for work or they just don't do a good job. That is some of the many reasons why it is so hard for teens to get a good job.

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