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Q: What plane of motion does Hip Adduction occur in?
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What are the four main types of movement?

Ranges of Motion:1) Flexion: bending a joint to decrease the angle between two bones or two body parts.2) Extension: straitening and extending of the joint to increase the angle between two bones or body parts.3) Abduction: Moving the body part away from the body.4) Adduction: moving the body part toward the mid-line of the body.5) Rotation: Moving the body part around its axis.6) Internal rotation: Moving of shoulder or hip would point the toes or the flexed forearm inwards towards the mid-line.7) External rotation: Moving would turn the toes or the flexed forearm outwards away from the mid-line.8) Supination: Turning the palm of the hand upward.9) Pronation: Turning the palm of the hand outward.10) Eversion: Turning the body part outward.11) Inversion: turning the body part inward.12) Planter flexion: Bending of the foot that causes the toe to point downward, as if pressing an automobile pedal.14) Dorsiflexion: Bending of the foot that causes the toe to point upward.15) Circumduction:The circular (or, more precisely, conical) movement of a body part, such as a ball-and-socket joint or the eye. It consists of a combination of flexion, extension, adduction, and abduction. "Windmilling" the arms or rotating the hand from the wrist are examples of circumductive movement.16) Opposition: A motion involving a grasping motion of the thumb and fingers.17) Reposition: To release an object by spreading the fingers and thumb.

What does it mean when a guy pokes your hip?


What were small bottles filled with smuggled hooch?

Hip flasks

What is The knee to the hip?

This is the part of the leg called the thigh.

What joint allows you to move backwards?

Primarily your Hip joint with its ball and socket, supplemented by the articulations of knee and ankle.

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What plane is hip abduction?

Hip abduction, as well as hip adduction, is in the frontal plane.

How can people measure suppleness?

Flexibility is measured by the range of motion. The range of movement is measured by using a goniometer: hip flexion, hip extension, hip adbuction, hip adduction, shoulder adduction, shoulder fexion, shoulder extension, elbow flexion/extension, and knee flexion/extension.mile run

In which plane does hip flexion occur?

Frontal Plane about the anterioposterior axis

Which category of hip muscles is primarily responsible for hip adduction?

posterior mucsles

The joint between the femur and the os coxae is which joint?

hip name: femuroacetabular joint joint type: ball and socket motion: flexion extension adduction and abduction circumduction

How do our thighs function?

Flexion, extension, rotation, adduction of the hip, extension and rotation at the knee

how do thighs function?

Flexion, extension, rotation, adduction of the hip, extension and rotation at the knee

The gliding motion of the wrist is accomplished because of the?

Gliding joints, such as those found in the wrist,

What is the prime mover for hip adduction?

The adductor muscles of the hip are four in number: the adductor brevis, the adductor longus, the adductor magnus and the adductor minimus. All the hip adductors originate from the pubis and insert at the medial side of the femur.

What is the hip joints function?

Like shoulder joint, hip joint is also a ball and socket type of joint. It has adduction, abduction, flexion, extension, inward and out ward rotation and circumduction functions.

What are the antagonist muscle of the abductors?

Shoulder adductors. Abduction means moving away from the median plane of the body and adduction means moving towards the median plane of the body.

15 pieces of exercise equipment?

Treadmill, elliptical, Lat Pulldowns, Low Row, Step up motion, Smith machince, Inclince press, Decline press, Calf Raise Machine, Shoulder Fly Machine, Shoulder Press Machine, Seated Dips, Hip Adduction, Hip Abduction, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Press Machine, Pec Deck,