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Q: What planet has a black spot that was a huge storm?
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What planet has a huge red spot from a storm?

The largest planet in our Solar Systemm - planet Jupiter.

What planet is known for an enormous storm called the 'Great Red Spot'?

Planet Jupiter is known for its huge storm, the Great Red Spot. It is an anticyclonic storm that has been raging on the planet for hundreds of years. Not to be confused with the Great Dark Spot of Neptune.

Which planet is known as great red spot?

Jupiter has got a large red spot on its surface. Scientists think it is a huge storm.

Where is the great red spot in the galaxy?

The "great red spot" refers to a large spot on planet Jupiter. It is a huge storm, that has been observed for at least 400 years.

What is the huge hurricane called the red spot?

This is Jupiters large red spot. It is a large storm system that has been churning for hundreds of years on the surface of the planet.

Which has a Great Red Spot?

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, has a large red spot that is a huge storm system three times larger than the earth.

Which planet has a fierce hurricane-like storm that is several times the size of Earth?

Actually, it is not just one, but two planets that have these huge storms. Jupiter has the Great Red Spot as its gigantic monster storm, but Neptune has one called the Great Blue Spot.Jupiter

What planet has a wind storm spot?


What planet has a storm like feature called the Great Dark Spot?

The planet Neptune had a great dark spot. It soon vanished after discovery, leading astronomers to believe it was just a temporary storm, unlike the Great Red Spot on Jupiter which has been raging for hundreds of years. See the related link for more information.

What is the huge storm on Jupiter?

the great red spot

What planet has a black spot on it when looking through a telescope?

That is the planet Jupiter. The black spot was created recently when a asteroid collided with it. Jupiter has a Great Red Spot created through storms. No planet has a black spot no mars has a giant red spot and mercury has the black spot

Which planet has a storm that has been ranging for centuries?

Jupiter. The storm is the "Great Red Spot".