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What planet is smaller and colder than the earth?


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Mars is the only planet which is both smaller and colder than the Earth.


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It is a rocky planet that is much smaller and colder than earth.

It is a rocky planet but smaller and colder than the earth

It's a rocky planet, but is much smaller than earth and colder.

It's a lot colder than the planet Earth.

Eris is not a planet; it is a dwarf planet. It is much smaller than Earth.

The planet Mars is smaller than the Earth. It is also smaller than the planet Venus, which is the planet that is closest in size to the Earth (but like Mars, Venus is smaller than the Earth).

colder because its an outer planet and earth is an inner.So remember inner=hotter outer=colder

Venus is only slightly smaller than Earth.

Venus. It is just a bit smaller than Earth.

It's colder - due to it being much further away from the Sun than we are.

The Moon is smaller than Earth, so logically it will contain less matter and therefore will be colder.

The planet Uranus is tremendously colder than the planet Earth, since it is much farther away from the sun. The planets Mercury and Venus which are closer to the sun than the Earth are also much warmer, and the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all farther from the sun and colder than the Earth.

Venus is the planet closest to the size of the Earth. Yet, it is smaller than the Earth. It is roughly 90% of the size of the Earth.

The moon is way smaller than the earth otherwise the moon would be a planet

Venus is only a little bit smaller than Earth.

There is no such planet, in our solar system. Pluto is smaller, but it's not classed as a planet now.

Mercury, Venus and Mars are all smaller than the Earth. If the question is referring to the US as in the US of A, then no planet is smaller.

Mars and Venus are both smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury

Both Venus and Mars are smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury.

Mars is the closest planet to the Earth. It has been studied more than any other planet. It is much colder than the Earth.

With an average temperature of minus 288 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 178 degrees Celsius) Saturn is colder than earth

No. Pluto is a fairly rocky planet and is a lot smaller than Earth.

Mars has a weaker gravity than earth because it is a smaller planet and is smaller than

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