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Mercury is smaller than Mars.

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Q: What planet is smaller than Mars?
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Related questions

Mars size compared to earth?

The planet Mars is smaller than the Earth. It is also smaller than the planet Venus, which is the planet that is closest in size to the Earth (but like Mars, Venus is smaller than the Earth).

Which planet is smaller than Earth?


Is the planet Mars larger or smaller than earth?


What is Mars smaller than?

Mars is smaller than every planet in our solar system except Mercury. Pluto was classified as a dwarf planet in 2006.

Is the smaller Planet in the solar system Mars?

It is smaller than Earth.

Which planet is smaller than Earth's core?


What planet is smaller and colder than the earth?

Mars is the only planet which is both smaller and colder than the Earth.

Is Mars a rock planet?

Yes. Mars is a dry, rocky planet somewhat smaller than Earth.

What planet is smaller than earth other than mars?


Which rocky planet is just smaller than the earth?

The red planet, Mars.

Is mars stronger or weaker gravity than earth?

Mars has a weaker gravity than earth because it is a smaller planet and is smaller than

Is Mars smaller than mercurey?

No. Mercury is the smallest planet.

Which planet is smaller than US?

Mercury, Venus and Mars are all smaller than the Earth. If the question is referring to the US as in the US of A, then no planet is smaller.

Can Venus is the largest planet than mars or not?

Venus is larger than Mars, but a little smaller than Earth.

Which planet is smaller than Venus?

Both Mars and Mercury are smaller than Venus. Pluto is also smaller than Venus, although it is no longer considered a planet.

Is mars a rocky planet larger than earth?

It is a rocky planet that is much smaller and colder than earth.

What planet has a diameter smaller than earths?

Three planets have diameters smaller than Earth's: Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

What planet is smaller than earth but larger than mercury?

Mars and Venus are both smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury

What planet is larger than Mercury but is smaller than Earth?

Both Venus and Mars are smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury.

What planet is smaller in size in relation to earth?

Mercury, Mars, and Venus are all smaller than Earth.

Is Mars the 2 largest?

Mars is the second largest but it can be argued between scientist's Mars may be the same size of another planet or be smaller than another planet

Is true that mars is a rocky planet that is much warmer and larger than earth?

It is a rocky planet but smaller and colder than the earth

How large is Mars compared to the other planets?

Mars is a smaller planet, but not the smallest (mercury). Mars is about fifty percent smaller than our earth. the size of the planet go in the order of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune ,Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Are the 2 moons of Mars bigger than Mars or smaller than Mars?

Smaller. Much smaller.

How is earth smaller than Mars?

Earth is not smaller than Mars, Mars is about half the size of Earth which makes Mars is smaller than Earth