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What plugs do you use in Cyprus?

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Exactly the same plugs as in the UK.

The actual plug type is known internationally as Type 'G' and is used on 230 Volts AC running at a frequency of 50Hz.

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Which electricity plug in Cyprus?

Cyprus uses the same 13 Amp, 3 pin plugs that are used in the UK.

What do Cyprus plugs look like?

A plug with 3 pins which can be inserted into the original UK plug.

What kind of money use in Cyprus?

The currency used in Cyprus is EURO (The Republic of Cyprus is a full member of the United Europe)

What is the difference between a UK plug and a European plug?

The UK, Eire, Malta and Cyprus use the 'G' type plug, which has rectangular pins and is larger than the plugs used in northern Europe.

What currencey does Cyprus use?

Cyprus now uses the Euro, which it adopted in 2006. Prior to that, it's currency was the Cyprus Pound and the Cyprus Cent, neither of which are legal tender any longer.

Does Cyprus use euros?


Did Greece use to own Cyprus?


Can you drive from the UK to Cyprus?

No. Cyprus is an island, so you can drive until Greece and then use a boat.

Does petrol cars with fuel injectors use spark plugs?

Petrol/gasoline cars do use spark plugs.Petrol/gasoline cars do use spark plugs.

What type of money do they use in Cyprus?

The Euro.

Can you use UK pound sterling in Cyprus?


Can you use a Kindle in north Cyprus?


Is it better to take euros or uk cash to Cyprus?

Considering the the national curreny of Cyprus is the Euro, it would be better to use Euros in Cyprus than British Pounds.

Why do plugs use copper?

plugs use copper because copper is a conducter of electricity

How many spark plugs in a 7.3L v8 diesel engine?

Today's diesel engines do not use spark plugs.

Can you still use cypriot pound in Cyprus?

No. It is Euros now although you can still change Cyprus Pounds at the Central Bank

What is the currency of limassol?

In Limassol, which is in Cyprus they use the Euro.

What plane does thomsonfly use from Manchester to Cyprus?

757 or 767

Who was the first person to use copper?

it was a roman who visited cyprus

Does Cyprus use the euro?

yes since January 2008

What currancey do they use in Cyprus?

euro since January 2008

Can l use euros in northern Cyprus?

You can use euro almost everywhere in northern Cyprus, although you might have to ask for the price in euro as menus will tend to be marked in Turkish lira.

What did the Romans call Cyprus?

The Latin for Cyprus is Cyprus.

Are there any cars that work without plugs?

Diesels don't need spark plugs. Some use glow plugs to run softer, but some don't even use that.

How do you use an easy out tool to change spark plugs?

Simply put. You do not use an easy-out tool to change spark plugs.