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Diesel fuel emitts much higher emissions. It emitts high smog and particualte matter. That'll be diesal fuel darling. Madgenta

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Q: What pollutes more diesel fuel or ethanol fuel?
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What pollutes more gas or diesel?


Are diesel automobiles more fuel efficient than ethanol gasoline automobiles?


Does ethanol fuel decrease fuel economy?

Here's the thing: Ethanol has less energy per gallon than gasoline and diesel, so for a given power output an engine will use more ethanol than it would have used diesel or gasoline. Miles per gallon will be poorer. But that's not the whole story. Ethanol - being considered more eco-friendly - is often a lot less expensive than diesel and gasoline. So even if you're using more of it, the cost-per-mile can be lower than for gasoline or diesel.

Is ethanol better than gasoline?

Ethanol is better than gasoline but not by muchAnswer:Thre are problems with ethanolEthanol has a lower energy density than gasoline. This means you need for ethanol to go as far as gasoline or diesel would take you.The production of ethanol from fertilizer to final liquid product is more energy intensive than gasoline or diesel. This means the ethanol energy in your tank requires more energy to put it there than an equivalent amount of fossil fuelEthanolis made from valuable food crops. It is better for people, in general, to eat food than waste it by converting it to fuel

Does shell put ethanol in diesel fuel?

No. That's why diesel fuel now costs more than gasoline. No, but in some areas (central Illinois for example) diesel contains a mixture of diesel and soybean based biodiesel there is no ethanol in diesel and that has nothing at all to do with the price of diesel the price of diesel is straight out supply and demand ,more diesel vehicles on the road so put the price up; the only bio diesel fuel is private enterprise. most biodiesel is made by private individuals and companies that use old cooking oils ,refine it and add it to the diesel it costs about 5000 thousand dollars to set this up and anyone can do it if they got access to old cooking oils

Density of diesel?

As of 2010, the density of petroleum diesel is about 0.832 kg/l/ This is 12 percent more than ethanol free diesel.

Is a fuel filter more critical n a diesel engine or gasoline?

Diesel contains more impurities compared to gasolene.Therefore fuel filter is more critical in a diesel engine

Can alchol fuel cars?

In theory yes but there's very little point in it as you can either get ethanol from crude oil through distilling and cracking through which you can also get diesel and petrol from. You can also make ethanol out of vegetables but again you can also make diesel. The main use of ethanol in running cars I would say is bio-petrol which is just a mixture of petrol and ethanol. All this achieves is less petrol being used. But yes, you can fuel your car on it after modifications but it's more commonly used as an additive to petrol.

Why diesel engine contains more soot than petrol engine?

ash in diesel fuel causes soot, much more in diesel fuel than gasoline

How does ethanol hurt the environment?

It takes more energy to produce ethanol than the fuel itself yields.

What are disadvantages of using diesel as fuel?

well the diesel get alittle bit more mpg but not much but the diesel burns cleaner the regular fuel

Is a gasoline-diesel fuel a good mixture to get more power from a diesel engine?

not at all. that will cause engine damage. gasoline burns at a much lower temperature than diesel fuel so you will get pre ignition. diesel fuel has more useable power in than gasoline. gasoline is rated in octane and diesel fuel is rated in cetane. with diesel fuel the higher the cetane the faster the fuel will burn for a more complete combustion. so if you want more power from a diesel a place to start is a higher cetane diesel fuel. but things like bigger trubos, vgt turbos, injectors, intercoolers have a much bigger effect on power than fuel

Why are petrol engines not used on heavy vehicles?

The diesel engine is generally more reliable, has more power, and more fuel efficient.The diesel engine is generally more reliable, has more power, and more fuel efficient.

Do cars cause more pollution than fossil fuels?

If you are comparing one car with one fossil fuel, the fossil fuel pollutes much more.

What is a better fuel propanol or ethanol?

probably ethanol - it is more readily available and vehicles are set up to take it

Are diesel pickup trucks more fuel efficient?

Yes a diesel pickup truck will be more fuel efficient than those that run on normal fuel. Diesel is designed to run longer than the regular fuel however it comes at a higher cost.

What has more fuel energy petrol or diesel?

Gasoline has more energy per lb than Diesel.

Why diesel gives more milage than petrol and petrol car costly than diesel?

Diesel engines are more efficient and do use less fuel, but they do not cost less than a petrol engine, they cost more. Diesel fuel also costs more. A diesel engine will however last longer.

Why is ethanol often sold in denatured form?

Denatured ethanol is grain ethanol that has had chemical additives added to it to make it unfit to ingest. Pure grain ethanol forms the basis for all alcoholic beverages and as such is highly taxed and regulated. Since ethanol has many more uses other than to drink it, denatured ehtanol was created to ensure ethanol destined for anything other than consumption was kept as such. The chemicals added make the alcohol terribly bitter and poisonous, so don't drink it! It is the same effect as why diesel fuel is sometimes dyed red-red diesel is much cheaper than regular diesel because it is given a tax exemption for off-road use only. If a trucker fills his rig up with cheaper red diesel fuel and gets inspected by the authorities, it will show up and the trucker will have to pay a whole lot of money in fines and penalties.

What is the car that pollutes more?

the car that pollutes more is the three wheeler and the BMW X5

Does the toyota solara run on ethanol?

Yes a toyota solara can run on ethanol fuel. There is a conversion kit that can be bought for a few hundred dollars, and it's well worth it, as ethanol fuel is cheaper than gasoline, and more efficient.

How do you make more diesel power?

somehow add more fuel

Can you run ethanol mixed fuel in an 89 Yamaha blaster?

You can run only gasoline with 5% Ethanol no more which means no E85.

Can ethanol save you fuel?

No, your car will actually use more fuel when run on ethanol or with ethanol added into the gasoline, as ethanol has less energy than gasoline. The reason ethanol is sometimes used is that it causes less pollution as it burns cleaner than gasoline and also can assist gasoline to burn cleaner when used as an additive.

Since we can make the very same ethanol fuel from cultivated grains with standard processes and from uncultivated biomass using bacteria why does one way produce less net carbon in the atmosphere?

First of all, you have to understand that the whole grain-ethanol thing is more of a back-door subsidy for corn farmers than an environmental initiative. That said, I'm not sure that either method of making ethanol results in a net reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In the case of grain ethanol, it takes fossil fuels (in the form of diesel) to grow the corn. And some estimate that it takes more diesel fuel just to grow the corn than will be replaced by the resulting ethanol. So, you would be better off, in terms of fossil fuel usage, to just burn the diesel in cars and trucks. But fossil fuels are not the only fuels that put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Burning ethanol also releases carbon dioxide. Maybe not as much as fossil fuels, but whatever it produces would have to be added to the carbon dioxide that was produced in growing the corn. And that is most certainly more than the carbon dioxide that would have been produced by burning the fossil fuel directly in automobiles. In the case of uncultivated biomass, you don't have tractors and other fossil-fuel-burning equipment contributing to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, the process of converting uncultivated biomass to ethanol is much more energy-intensive than converting grain to ethanol. So you still have quite a bit of fossil fuel burning required to produce the ethanol. And you still have all the carbon dioxide released when the ethanol itself is burned.