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...gasoline... expanding gases from combustion of gasoline or disel which is converted to rotary motion by the power train which sends it to you wheels OR PFM(pure fricken magic)which suits you best. expanding gases move alot of people expecally in small hot rooms!! what stinks!!! An internal combustion engine usually powers a car; unless it is one of the newer HYBRIDS which use several storage batteries for an alternative power supply.

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Q: What powers a car?
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What powers a vehicle?

the engine powers a car,bus or a truck

What powers a mousetrap car?

a mousetrap.

What country powers a car by alcohol?


What is the name of the explosion that powers a car?


What do you call the part of the car that powers it?

platypus platypus

What else besides the battery powers a car?

The alternator/generator

What flag does Austin Powers have painted on his car?

The United Kingdom

What form of energy powers your car?

gas or electricity can do that!!!

What mechanism powers the energy efficient car?

An energy efficient motor.

What is the definition of a radio car?

A radio car is an automobile which is can be remotely radio controlled. This means that a person holds a remote which powers and steers the car from a distance, without wires.

Is a battery car an example of solar energy?

Car batteries are seldom charged by solar energy. Normally, they are charged by the engine of the car, which powers an alternator, providing electrical power.

What powers your AC in your car?

Your cars engine accessory belt drives the AC compressor.

What powers a dirt bike?

A motor, like in car (but obviously smaller) . It just not measured in litters or cubic inches like a car, it is measured in cubic centimeters.

How does a retiree activate a z plan to purchase a car?

by drinking moutain dew and using trues powers

What powers could congress use to help protect american car makers from foreign?

the power to tax

What powers modern automobile engines?

Usually Petrol or Diesel. A car can also be converted to run on LPG.

Will my car run with out an auto shut down relay?

No. The auto shutdown relay powers the fuel system.

What does the abbreviation IGN plus means in a car amp?

This wire/connection powers up only when key is on.

How loud is a formula 1 car?

Typical F1 car of 700 horse powers will make noise at ~145 decibels. This means you can hear at the distance of 6 miles.

What are the uses chemical energy?

In a Diesel powered car, chemical energy powers the car. Chemical energy heats food on a gas cooker. Chemical energy delivers electrical energy in a battery. Chemical energy powers a living organism.

How do hydrogen cars work?

The success of the hydrogen car is because the the hydrogen fuel cell. This cell converts hydrogen into electricity and powers the car and the only byproduct is heat and water.

What powers could congress use to help protect america car makers from foregin competition?

the power to tax

How does the battery help people now?

batteries power your electrical start in your car and powers flashlights and cell phones

In a 1992 Ford Club Wagon what is the watt size of the fuse that powers the car cigarette lighter?

10 amp will do and be safe.

Which of the following powers could Congress use to help protect American car makers from foreign competition?

The power to tax.

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