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There preditors are anything that can crack them open such as: racoon, bears, and foxes. Peanut butter is good especially with bananas.

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Q: What predators do painted turtles have?
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What hunts painted turtles?


What are predators of the red eared slider turtle?

Painted turtles are enormously vulnerable to a wide variety of predators. Nest predators include raccoons, foxes and skunks. Painted Turtles have many predators which include raccoons, foxes, skunks, gulls, crows, ravens, herons, weasels and snapping turtles.

Are stink pot turtles and painted turtles the same?

no, stinpots are musk turtles not painted turtles

Are baby painted turtles poisonous?

painted turtles are NOT harmful at all!

How does the painted turtle drink?

painted turtles drink out of a little drinking dish. painted turtles like fresh unsalted water

What is cool about painted turtles?

they are cool because they are turtles

What is another cool fact about painted turtles?

they ARE NOT painted.

Do painted turtles only go to the bathroom when they are in the water?

painted turtles only like to pee in evion

When did painted turtles first exist?

Painted turtles have lived from 15 million years ago to the present.

Can painted turtles bite?

Yes, painted turtles are fully capable of biting you. I have 9 juvenile Eastern Painted turtles and they bite my fingers when they want attention or food. Although most painted turtles won't bite when threatened, you will come across the occasional moody one.

Are painted wood turtles a kind of ornate wood turtle or another name for it?

Ornate wood turtles are sometimes called painted turtles. There is also a water turtle that is known as a painted turtle.

Do painted turtles try to eat little painted turtles?

No, not regularly. Painted turtles eat aquatic vegetation, algae, water insects, crustaceans, and fish. Most species of turtles don't go after other turtles unless they are a aggressive turtle. Exceptions for this are Snappers and Musk turtles which are more carnivorous.