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Cleveland in 1893.

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Who replaced Spiro Agnew as vice president of the US in 1973?

Vice President Spiro Agnew was replaced by Gerald Ford, who later replaced Nixon as president.

If the president resigns he is replaced by the?

The vice president

If the president resigns he is replaced by who?

The Vice President.

Who replaced president Nixon?

Gerald R. Ford, 38th President, replaced Richard Nixon.

If president is impeached who replaces him?

If the President is impeached, he/she is replaced by the Vice President.

If the president resigns he is replaced by de?


Who served as vice-president and president but was not elected to either office?

Gerald Ford replaced Spiro Agnew as Vice president and later replaced Richard Nixon as president.

Is there such a thing as a cornea transplant?

Corneas can be removed and replaced during an operation

How many vice president become president do to death?

Eight Vice Presidents replaced Presidents who died in office, four of whom were assassinated, and one Vice President replaced a President who resigned.

Will the surge protector resume operation with a blown fuse?

If the fuse in a surge protector is blown it will not resume operation unless the fust is replaced.

Who did Vice President Truman take over for?

Truman first replaced Henry A. Wallace as Franklin Roosevelt's Vice President.When Roosevelt later died, Truman replaced him as President.

How many real teeth does Lil Wayne have?

Zero. Three years ago, he underwent a surgery that replaced his teeth with a permanent grill made of silver diamonds.

At this point the vice president has succeeded the president how many times?

9 Veeps have completed the term of an elected president because the president died or resigned. They were Tyler ( replaced W. Harrison who died of illness. Fillmore ( replaced Taylor who died of illness. A. Johnson ( replaced Lincoln who was killed.) Arthur ( replaced Garfield who was killed.) T. Roosevelt ( replaced McKinley who was killed.) Coolidge ( replaced Harding who died of illness.) Truman ( replaced F. Roosevelt who died of illness.) L. Johnson (replaced Kennedy who was killed.) Ford (replaced Nixon who resigned .) John Adams, Jefferson, VanBuren, Nixon and the elder George Bush was Veeps who later were elected President.

Did Spiro T. Agnew get replaced?

He was replaced as Vice President by Gerald Ford. When Richard Nixon resigned, Ford became President.

Why would the vice president get replaced?

The vice president would be replaced impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, if he (or she) resigned, or if he (or she) was called upon to assume the Presidency because the President had died or was incapacitated.

Who was replaced by Gerald Ford?

When Gerald Ford became President, Nelson A. Rockefeller became Vice-President. When Ford lost re-election as President, he was replaced by Democrat James Carter.

Who replaced Spiro T Agnew?

After Vice President Agnew resigned, he was replaced by Vice President (former Speaker of the House) Gerald Ford, who then became president after Richard Nixon resigned.

Who was the president that James Polk replaced?

Polk succeeded John Tyler as President.

What vice president replaced president Taylor when he died in 1850?

Millard Fillmore

How can a vice president be replaced?

If it resighns or dies.

How can you kill an engine light that will not stay off even after all diagnosed problem parts are replaced?

Remove the bulb!

Did Spiro Agnew get replaced as vice president?

Yes, he was replaced by Gerald Ford. He was replaced following his resignation on October 10, 1973.

Who replaced Lincoln after he was asssassinated?

Lincoln's vice president, Andrew Johnson, replaced Abraham Lincoln.

Who takes presidents place when he resigns?

If the president were to resign he would be replaced by the vice president.

What president who resigned and the president who replaced him?

Richard M. Nixon is the only US President to have resigned from office. Hew was replaced by his VP, Gerald R. Ford. Ford is the only person to have been VP and President, not elected to either office.