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FDR had 4 yrs term. he died in office. but im not sure why he had four times.

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President who served the longest term?


Which president had the longest term in the office?


Which president had the longest term and how long was it?

8 years

Who is the president with the longest term?

Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Which president had the longest term?

Franklin Roosevelt was elected president four times.

Which president serve the longest term?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

What was FDR famous for?

He was the president who held the longest term in office

Which president served the longest term in history?

Grover Cleveland

Which Indian President has served the longest term?

Rajendra Prasad

Who had the longest term of president of Indian national congress?

sonia gandhi

Who held the longest presidentcy term?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

What president severed the longest term in the white house?

Franklin Roosevelt

The president had the longest inaugural speech and the shorest presidential term?

William Henry Harrison

Who had the longest term as president of Estonia?

Lennart Meri. He was the first president after the end of the Soviet occupation and was in office 1992 - 2001.

Which president had the longest feet?

President Harding had the longest feet. Truly he did. President Harding had the longest feet. Truly he did.

Who was the president that was in the office longest?

Franklin D. Roosevelt, who served all of three and part of a fourth term.

How long was Santa Anna's fifth term as Mexico's President?

One year and six days, it was the longest of his first five times as Mexico's President.

Which US President served the longest term in office?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt did Served a total of four times. He died during his fourth term.

Which US president lived the longest after his term was over?

As of January 2013, it is Jimmy Carter. Before that, it was Herbert Hoover.

Who holds the record as the longest term prisoner?

Who holds the record as the longest term prisoner?

What is the longest time a person can now serve as a President in the US in years?

President can only be in office for 2 terms (each term 4 years long) so the maximum is 8 years. According to the 22nd amendment, the longest time a president could now serve is 10 years.

Which presisdent servered the longest?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Only Four term President, served from 1933 to 1945. He died in office from a stroke. There will never be another 4 term President because a law was passed limiting the terms of a President to 2 terms plus two years as a former Vice President for a President who died in office.

What kind of sentence is this Franklin d Roosevelt served the longest term in over than any other president?

It is a declarative sentence.

Who was the president of France in 1992?

The French president in 1992 was François Mitterand. He was president for two consecutive seven-year terms (the longest stint in office as French president). He was elected in May 1981 and left after his second term in May 1995.

Who was US president for the longest time?

Franklin Roosevelt at about 12 years, 1 month, and 8 days was the longest serving US president. His fourth term abruptly ended when he died in office . He served before Amendment 22 was added to the Constitution. This amendment limits the president to two full terms at most.

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