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What president was married in a foreign country?


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John Quincy Adams was married in London, England, where the bride was living at the time.

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A president kind of deals with trading with the foreign country. A president also wants to have a good alliance with the foreign country so that if our country needs any help, the other country our president has an alliance with can help us.

No, you are not allowed to be presidentif you you were born to American citizens in a foreign country

Theodore Roosevelt, the nation's 26th President, was the first president to visit a foreign country while serving in office. Roosevelt was a member of the Republican Party.

That was President Truman in World War Two and the country was Japan.

To be a US president you have to be born in the US. So to answer your question there was never a US president that was born in a foreign country.

The only president who visited a foreign country during his governance was President Theodore Roosevelt. He visited Panama in 1903 to check on the Panama Canal progress.

T.R. was the first president to visit a foreign country while in office. His visit was to Panama while on an inspection tour of the then unfinished Panama Canal.

Theodore was the first sitting president to leave the country. He visited Panama while he was president.

None, but one foreign country, Liberia, has named its capital city oafter James Monroe.

No US president or president of any note from any foreign country was born on that date.

If the president was an American citizen for more that 14 years, then maybe.

It depends which country you are referring to.

A foreign country is any country which you do not live in. Turkey is a foreign country if you don't live there. If you do live in Turkey, then it is not a foreign country.

Hilary Clinton is our current Secretary of State. She advises the president on foreign affairs across the country and helps keep our country safe.

the United States is unhappy with the actions taken by the leaders of that country

The African country Liberia is the only country outside of America which has a capital city named after an American president (capital Monrovia named after US president James Monroe).

The president has access to intelligence reports from the CIA and diplomatic sources which try to find out out what is going on in the foreign country. However, "true government" usually means favorable to the United States and/or acceptable to allies of the US when making such recognition decisions.

For starters, the foreign national has committed a crime of perjury for stating that they were single and could get married. One has to wonder what other falsifications are going to come forward in this relationship. One should contact the consulate for their country in a local embassy for more information on this.

They still call them the president, example: Barack Obama would call Michael D Higgins (Irish president) president Higgins or the president of Ireland. 😊

Assuming that he/she is over 35...Only if the US citizen candidate was born in the US or to qualified US Citizen parents in a foreign country. Additional citizenships don't affect candidacy for President.

After the Articles of Confederation were created and found not to be satisfactory because the country had no single representative for foreign policy the founding fathers decided a president was necessary to represent the nation's foreign policy interests.

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