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Washington is on the one dollar bill, Eisenhower was on the silver dollar in the 1970s, and so far presidents Washington through Garfield are on the modern dollar coins.

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What coins do not have presidents?

Silver dollars

Which presidents are on the dollars?

Look at your money!! LOL

How much do presidents choice cookies cost?

500,000,000 dollars

What was George Washingtons salary?

zero dollars but presidents do have salaries though

The presidents on the coins when did the coin appear?

If you mean the Presidential Dollars, they started getting minted in 2007, with the first four Presidents of The United States. Thanx

Three presidents' faces appear on both dollars and coins?

lincoln, washington, and jefferson

How much money have each of the US presidents been paid?

they get paid 20000 dollars i think

What is the value of the coins from readers digest 1997 president card with 7 presidents coins on it?

ten dollars

Is there an Obama dollar?

No, there is not, at least not in the "real money that you can spend" world. There are, however, commemorative dollars that are sold to collectors, and some companies issue them to honor a president who has been inaugurated. But these dollars are not real coins; they are collectibles. The US Mint has issued actual dollar coins about presidents, but thus far, they have only focused on the founding presidents of our country: Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison.

Presidents on coin money?

yes they are on the penny and alot of other coins. also dollars bills woot woot

Which presidents father gave him a million dollars when he turned 21?

That's the 35th president, John F Kennedy :)

Who are the only two Americans to appear on the us coin who are not presidents?

Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea, both on small dollars.

How many presidential dollars are there?

As of July 2013, there are coins for Presidents Washington through Taft, with Woodrow Wilson due later in the year.

Which presidents are on US dollars?

$1: George Washington $2: Thomas Jefferson $5: Abraham Lincoln $20: Andrew Jackson $50: Ulysses S. Grant Alexander Hamilton on the $10 and Benjamin Franklin on the $100 weren't Presidents.

Were there any presidents or vice presidents from Colorado?

No, there are no presidents or vice presidents from Colorado.

What is the president's allowance for family traveling with him?

All presidents receive the same allowance of $400,000 dollars. However, they also receive other allowances for various aspects of their life. $100,000 dollars is given just for traveling expenses.

What website has a list of where the presidents lived before they where presidents?

where did the presidents live before they where presidents

How much amount Barack Obama earn?

As president, Barack Obama makes about $400,000 dollars a year, like most presidents have (adjusted for inflation).

What is the Collective noun for presidents?

A collective noun for presidents is a succession of presidents. Other collective nouns that would be appropriate could be a council of presidents, a board of presidents, a conference of presidents, or as humorists prefer, an incompetence of presidents.

How many vice presidents became presidents?

14 presidents

How do you say Misters Presidents or Mr Presidents?

Messrs presidents

Why have there been more vice presidents than presidents?

That's because there have been more Presidents with multiple Vice Presidents than there have been Vice Presidents serving under multiple Presidents.

How much is a 20 dollar bill worth with a misprint it has a E on the presidents forehead?

it is worth around $12million to $26million dollars, it can be sold to collectors or exchanged at the bank.

What are three reasons why vice presidents became presidents?

The presidents either died or resigned, and their vice presidents took office, or the vice presidents were elected on their own.

What was the presidents salary in 1969?

In 1969, the annual presidential salary doubled from $100,000 to $200,000; the expense account stayed the same at $50,000. If you adjust for inflation to 2010 dollars President Nixon's salary for each year of his presidency, it comes to an average of $1,060,000 per year. Richard Nixon was the last of twelve U.S. Presidents who earned an average of over a million 2010 dollars per year.

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