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The lender is going to use the lowest of the two middle scores--in other words--if out of the 3 scores from the "3 credit reporting agencies" per each of you, 570 and 630 are your middle scores--570 will be the one used. By using the 570 score, a subprime loan will be done which mean you will have a higher rate to deal with and possibly higher PMI payments if you don't have 20% down or qualify for an 80/10/10. ( 10% down payment, 10% 2nd mortgage and a 80% 1st mortgage). If it were me working on this loan, I would see if the person with the 630 score could do the loan by him/her self. If the loan can be done with only the one person on the loan, the rate will definitely be better. The other person could or would be on the deed depending on the state. If this is not possible, can you do anything to clean up the credit fast. Without paying off any collections now, are there any collections that are still showing balances that were paid before--at an earlier date, are there past due payments made on loans or charge cards that were not paid late and you can prove it by cancelled checks or your bankstatement, is the same past due loan, charge card or collection showing up 2 or 3 times instead of once, or are there accounts showing that are simply not yours........ If so you can fix this, find a broker that may does business with a third-party reporting agency that has the service that allows you to correct inaccurate consumer credit report information reported by the three repositories; or that uses a third-party company for pulling credit and order a complete update on your report. (the 1st one is offered as a free service to their customers, the 2nd one will cost about $45-$75 depending on where you are). You want to correct any old information with old information (ex: you paid a collection last yr but is still showing unpaid- you want it to show pd but with last year's date not todays) any new dates added to the report such as present dates will not help you better your scores. It will make the scores worse for atleast 30 days, before they slowly start to get better as the months go by.

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What percentage of people get earned income credit?


Do you need a cosigner to have your own credit card?

No. Credit card companies will not give to people who have no income.

How many people get Earned Income Tax Credit?

32 million

What is the meaning of credit cards for people with poor credit?

The meaning of credit cards for people with poor credit refers to credit cards that are approved to people that have had financial problems or debts in the past. They usually allow one to rebuild their credit score.

Can self employed people get advanced earned income credit?

Yes all self employed people can.

What is the working tax credit used for?

Working tax credit is a benefit awarded by the UK government which is used to supplement the income of people on a low income. This makes it more affordable for some people to work rather than remain on benefits.

What is the earned income tax credit for tax year 2009?

The earned income credit (EIC) is a tax credit for certain people who work and have earned income under $48,279. A tax credit usually means more money in your pocket. It reduces the amount of tax you owe. The EIC may also give you a refund.Go to the IRS gov website and use the search box for Publication 596 (2009), Earned Income Credit (EIC)

What happens if you are disabled and can not pay credit cards?

The credit card company won't give you a credit card if you don't have any kind of income. According to your income on a yearly basis they will decide if you will be able to pay of your debts. Most people with a lower income will get around a 1000 to 2000 USD max. limit

Where are low income apts with poor credit due to separation of marriage?

The best place to look for low income apartments in Baltimore is on the Internet. Go to and it will give you a few different places to look for low income housing. It also has a section for people looking for apts/roommates. Good luck.

Do people with adverse credit ever have difficulty opening regular bank accounts?

People with bad credit reports often have many problems with their financial lives. One aspect that normally causes no problems is to open a regular bank account without an credit limit.

What is the number one rated debt counseling service online at this time?

The best debt counseling service online at this time is This company will work with any type of credit problems. People looking gain credit come to this site and that why their number 1.

Where can one go to get credit counseling?

There are many options for people that need to get credit counseling, the most well known options are through NFCC. The company Consumer Credit is also well known for helping people with credit problems.

Hello, I am a single parent looking to purchase a house in Delaware County. I have very good credit. Are they any programs available for low income people that could lower my payments Thanks.?

You could try hud

Auto Loans With No Credit?

There are many people who have suffered lower credit scores during the current economic upheaval, so it is possible to secure auto loans with no credit. Lenders understand that a person has to have a chance to establish credit. Most people that do not have credit are young people entering into the buyer's market. Other people that may need to get auto loans with no credit are spouses that have not established credit during a marriage. Lenders will look at a few factors to determine whether a person qualifies for the loan. First, the person needs to have adequate income to cover the expenses. Next, the person does not need to have debt that exceeds their income.

What are problems associated with measuring national income?

Very hard to get a full survey and people can lie

What kind of people is likely to run into problems when using a credit card?

Poor People Without the Means of Paying it Back and Thieves who steal other people's credit cards.

Can unemployed mom get tax refund?

Unless you paid federal and state taxes you cannot get a refund. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can file taxes simply to get the earned income credit. They are wrong. It is called the earned income credit because they earned an income. So unless you worked at some point over the prior year you cannot get the earned income credit. And unless you paid taxes in then you have nothing to file or claim.

What types of problems people face when looking for job?

People face problems such as no transportation or the inability to purchase a uniform. They also face problems such as a lack of experience or a spotty job history.

What are problems in accounting?

Most of the people do not know the rules of Debit and Credit. That is the main problem in accounting.

Which credit card should people with no prior credit history look for?

When one is looking for a credit card, and that person has no prior credit history, the most important things to look for are low interest and high insurance.

Where would somebody learn how to get a credit card with bad credit?

If someone was looking to learn how to get a credit card with bad credit, they need to look into classes. Lots of places nationwide will give classes/courses to people with bad credit trying to get access to a credit card.

Does Sallie Mae base a student loan on income to debt credit and how much do people usually get on a student loan from them?

i actually worked for sallie Mae as a student loan consultant. It depends on the type of loan that you are looking for. they all vary from loan to loan.

Why do people prefer credit union over banks?

you can borrow 3 times what you have in it without any problems

What are problems with taxes?

people are making more money and the tax people is complaining about paying more of the income to the people they are trying to pay less to each of um

How can one get a mortgage loan with poor credit?

Some companies offer mortgage loans for people with poor credit but in general, they are difficult to find. In general, one will need to prove that they can make up for the poor credit in time by showing their credit record and income status.