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It was divided into two: East Germany (communism) and West Germany (capitalism). They had to pay large sums of money.

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Q: What problems did Germany experience after World War 2?
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What problems did Germany experience after World War 1?

Inflation and unemplyment.

What kind of problems did Germany have between World War 1 and World War 2?

money problems

Germany had terrible money problems after?

the first world war

Who did hitler blame for germany's problems after World War 1?

The Treaty of Versailles.

Why did Germany start world war2?

Because Germany had problems. Many countries blamed Germany for starting world war 2, so Germany was in a lot of dept.

How did Germany overcome the problems that faced it after World War 1?


What started the problems that faced Germany after World War 1?


What were some problems for Germany after World War 1?

bad encomny

During World War 2 what country blamed the Jews for their problems?


Who did Hitler blame for Germany problems for Germany's problem following the country's defeat in world war 1?

The Jews.

How did problems in Germany between World War 1 and World War 2 help Hitler to power?

Ya Dawg Ya Dawg

Explain the problems experienced by Germany after World War 1?

Germany's army was to be reduced, their weapondry was destroyed, they were blamed for the war, and they had to pay about 33 billion dollars.

Who did the Nazis blame most of Germany's pre-World War II problems on?


Why were Jews inprisiond in World War 2?

Hitler blamed them for the problems in Germany after World War I. He also thought them inferior to the Aryans, his "Master Race"

What books of Vonneguts based on his experience as a prisoner of war during World War 2 in Germany made him a millionaire?

Slaughterhouse Five

What problems did women experience during world war 1?

nothing nothing nothing nothing

Who did Hitler blame for Germany's problems for the country's defeat in World War 1.?

He blamed the Jews.

What problems did the location of Germany create in fighting world war 1?

Obviously a major downside to Germany's positioning was that she was surrounded by country's.

Key events that led to World War 2?

The severe reparations that Germany was required to pay for what they did in World War I. This lead to an environment where Hitler and the Nazis came to power because foreigners were blamed for all Germany's problems.

What are major problems in germany?

During World War 1 Germany was forced to sign the treaty of Versailles which limited import and export to the Germans. Germany and Italy lost a lot of land during the first world war and fell upon hard times economically.

Who did Adolf Hitler blame for Germany's loss of World War 1 and subsequent problems?

Jewish officers

Totalitarianism took root in Germany following World War 1 as a result of?

Answer this question… economic problems caused by hyperinflation.

How did the world go help Germany in it economics problems?

Self service. Germany has a lot of coal. After both WWI and WWII, Germany had to pay reparations as part of both armistice agreements. So the world did not help with any economic problems. War has always been about conquest, and the spoils of Germany were ripe for the taking.

How could the Allies be partially blamed for World War 2?

They forced Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which caused a lot of problems in Germany.

Which countries fought against Germany in World War 1 but on Germany's side in World War 2?

Japan and Italy fought against Germany in World War 1 but were on Germany's side in World War 2