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Muhammad(PBUH) faced many problems like here's one of them: People betrayed him and Allah for telling that Allah is the only God and that he made the Earth and he made Everything

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Q: What problems did Muhammad face when he gave his message to the people of mecca?
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What were Muhammad's teachings and what was the reaction of the people of Makkah?

Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) gave the true message of ALLAH to the people of mecca,but though the people of mecca at that time were non-muslims and so they reacted harshly

How did the city of Mecca affect origins of Islam?

Social problems in Mecca inspired Muhammad to look for solutions. ~Apex

Why did leaders in Mecca want to get rid of Prophet Muhammad?

Simply because they rejected His message, this happened to many Messengers before Muhammad PBUH.

When did Muhammad flee mecca?

Muhammad fled Mecca in 622

Was Muhammad born in Mecca?

Yes (true), Muhammad was born in Mecca Born in c. 570.

Where Muhammad live?


Where in the world is Islam from?

The message of Islam is universal and it addresses all people. It started in Mecca, now a major city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the prophet Muhammad was born.

How was Muhammad's message received in Mecca and Medina?

Prophet Muhammed received his message via the angel Gabriel. Gabriel delivered the word of God directly to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).Initially (in Mecca), Muhammad's message was met with pity and mockery from the majority of the locals. Only the closest people within Muhammad's social circle converted to Islam however, apart from this there were no significant positive responses. After seeing the growing influence of Islam, the leaders of Mecca resorted to persecuting Muhammad and his followers. They even bribed him to let go of Islam, promising him wealth and power. Eventually, Muhammad and his tribe were boycotted and exiled to the Valley of Abu Talib where they had to face inhumane conditions, having nothing to eat or drink. After this exile was ended however, Muhammad resorted to spread his message to Medina.The people of Medina were more welcoming to Muhammad, and his message. They lent an open-ear, Muhammad knew that know from the resultants of the Pledges of Aqabah. So, when he moved to Medina and assumed control, a vast majority received his message with respect and sincerity. It was the city of Medina that allowed Muhammad to nurture Islam and present it as it is now, a global religion.

What happened when Muhammad came backto Mecca?

The people shot him to death.

What was mecca like in the time of Muhammad?

people never bedlived in islam

How did Muhammad get followers after he spoke with Gabriel What did he do to convince people to follow him What did the people think of him?

From what I remember, he spoke to people in the city he lived in, which I think was Mecca. At first, most of the people of Mecca rejected Muhammad, but then he returned years later, and the city believed in him.

Why did Muhammad and his followers attack mecca in detail?

They did not attack Mecca. When the number of people who embraced Islam in Arabia reached to a hign level, Muhammad was commanded by God to take Mecca back. It always belonged to the One God of Abraham; so Muhammad took it back and clensed it of idols.