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First - physical issues. Are you in an apartment? Is is upstairs? If not, are either of your parents in a wheelchair? Are your doors wide enough to accomodate one? Do you have handholds in your shower or tub? Second - Privacy issues. Are your parents willing to give up some of their privacy? Are you? Remember you'll hear each others phone calls, see each others mail (at least the envelopes). Are both of you ready for that? Third - Miscellaneous issues. Do your parents expect you to entertain them? Do you expect to? When you come home from work, will you watch your favorite TV program or will they want to talk? Similar schedule issues can arise if you are their means of transportation. Do they drive? If not, will they look to you as their wheels? This is just a start . . . Good Luck.

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What do you do if you are having problems in math?

Discuss your difficulties with your teacher and your parents.

What does it mean when your parents fight each night?

they fight because they love each other, there is no perfect relationship. when parents fight each night it means that they are having serious problems. the two major reasons that can make parents to fight at night are: 1) they are having problems with their sexual relationship and 2) they are having financial problems. financial problems in the home can cause parents to ague and fight more often, and eventually this can lead to an unstable sexual relationship between the parents. woman need a relationship which is financially stable for them to feel comfortable in every situation in the home.

Can you divorse your parents at 17?

you cant divorce your parents period. But you can contact the police if youre having serious problems or child services

What are some problems experienced by firearm examiners?

Having to explain what they do. Having to educate members of a jury about firearms. there is a huge variety of firearms, and an examiner may encounter a particular firearm for the first time.

Can your parents stop you from moving out if you are 17 and having problems at home?

Yes, in most places they can stop you until you are 18.

Why parents don't listen to their children?

Some parents have severe ego problems and are obsessed with always having to be right, no matter what. Very often, children of such parents stop talking to them altogether when they reach adulthood.

Are they having problems on Facebook with FarmVille?

they are not having problems on facebook with farmville.

What does having a stoic philosophy mean?

Stoicism was a philosophical movement in the Hellenistic period. Stoics believed that emotions such as fear and envy were the result of false judgements, and that a sage would not encounter these problems.

What do you do when your parents are divorced?

It is a tough time when your parents divorce, for most kids. What you have to think, is that your parents want what is best for you, and what is best for them. They are getting divorced because they are having problems, and you don' want your parents to suffer! Try to be strong, especially for a younger brother or sister.

Why are some people having depression?

Some people are having family problems or having friendship problems.

Is Kia malone having marriage problems?

no, kia is not having marital problems.

How do you say 'having problems' in Spanish?

I'm having problems is '' Yo estoy teniendo problemas'' having problems is: '' teniendo problemas''

Is problems a verb?

No, it is a noun. Its a thing. If somebody is "having problems" , having is the verb, and problems is abstract thing working with it

You are having problems with your brakes on your 84 Chevy Celebrity?

Tell us what problems you are having.

When Bella is having her baby are her parents in the room?

Bella's parents are not in the room when she is having her baby.

How should you tell you parents about problems that you have between them and yourself without getting in trouble?

Calmly think about the problems you are having between your parents and yourself. Then, sit down and calmly discuss the issues you have with them in a non-accusatory way. Make sure you let them know you are open to being told about issues they have with you and that you would like to work on any problems they have with you if they will do the same for you.

Is AOL having server problems today?

Is aol having problems again? 4/11/2013

Does every girl grow breasts?

Most do but in case of certain problems with the parents chromosomes (such as having XXX chromosomes), the woman would not grow boobs and be infertile.

What does it mean when a guy breaks up with you and said he has problems?

Maybe he is having bad relationships with his Parents or family, or maybe hes over you and likes someone else.

What is the difference between a social worker and a counselor?

A social worker is a person who interviews parents and children when there is a suspicion of abuse. A counselor is a person who talks to and helps assist parents and children who are having problems in many different areas.

Why are the colonies having problems after having won the war?

after the colonist won th war what problems did the new country have

What are the odds of a child having the same birthday as parents?

I believe the chances of having the same birthday as one of your parents is: 1 out of 183 and the chances of having the same birthday as both parents is: 1 out of 133,225

Did Henry VIII have power problems?

Henry did have problems, he had problems on marriage and having a son.

Is there any problems of having kids when couples have same Rh factor?

There are not issues with a couple having children if the parents have the same Rh factor. However, if the have opposite Rh factors, health issues could be a problem for the child.

Why do parents divorce?

Well it's ether becasue they are having problems and need to work things out alone or because one is cheating on the other one or soumthing like that