What problems might you encounter having your 90-year-old parents live with you?

First - physical issues. Are you in an apartment? Is is upstairs? If not, are either of your parents in a wheelchair? Are your doors wide enough to accomodate one? Do you have handholds in your shower or tub? Second - Privacy issues. Are your parents willing to give up some of their privacy? Are you? Remember you'll hear each others phone calls, see each others mail (at least the envelopes). Are both of you ready for that? Third - Miscellaneous issues. Do your parents expect you to entertain them? Do you expect to? When you come home from work, will you watch your favorite TV program or will they want to talk? Similar schedule issues can arise if you are their means of transportation. Do they drive? If not, will they look to you as their wheels? This is just a start . . . Good Luck.