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The main products were wheat and corn.

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Q: What products were shipped on Miami and Erie Canal?
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What kinds of products were shipped on the Erie canal?

The Erie canal had many things shipped. The main things from the Midwest were corn and wheat.

When was Miami and Erie Canal constructed?

The Miami and Erie Canal was under construction in 1825 and finished in 1845. It connects Cincinnati to Toledo.

What is the area of Miami-Erie Canal Site Historic District?

The Miami-Erie Canal Site Historic District is 120 acres.

Is true that the Erie Canal joined Lake Erie with the Ohio River?

No the Erie Canal did NOT join with the Ohio River. All of the Erie Canal is inside of New York state. The Erie & Ohio Canal, the Erie & Wabash Canal, and the Miami &Erie Canal all eventually connected to the Ohio River.

What two cities do the Miami and the Erie Canal join?

The Miami and Erie Canal connected Cincinnati and Toledo. It was about 274 miles long. Eventually it was replaced by railroads.

Did the Erie Canal join Lake Erie with the Ohio river?

No the Erie Canal did not join the Ohio River. But New York was not the only state that built canals. The state of Ohio also built canals. The Miami and Erie Canal went to the Ohio River. The Erie and Ohio Canal also reached the Ohio River. Neither of these canals were as successful as the Erie Canal.

What was shipped on the Erie Canal?

The Midwest sent a lot of wheat and corn to New York.

What Canal connected the Great Lakes to the Ohio River in the 1800's?

The Miami and Erie Canal

Where is the Miami-Erie Canal Corridor Authority in New Bremen Ohio located?

The address of the Miami-Erie Canal Corridor Authority is: Po Box 246, New Bremen, OH 45869-0246

What two cities did the Miami and Erie Canal connect?

It's Toledo and Cincinnati.

What goods are shipped west via the Erie Canal?

All goods were shipped, as well as people! Raw materials such as timber were moved east while pioneers with their families were moved west. Much of Michigan and Northern Ohio were settled by people traveling west on the Erie Canal.

Which event took place after the National Road was finished?

The Miami And Erie Canal Was Completed.

Did The Erie Canal shortened time but increased the cost of sending products from the West to the East?

The Erie Canal greatly lowered the cost of sending products from the West to the East. Prices decreased as much as 90%.

How did the Erie Canal get its name?

The Erie Canal got its name from Lake Erie which is where the canal ended.

How did people ship goods before the completion of the Erie Canal?

Settlers shipped goods before the Erie Canal by going behind Russia, meeting their fellow kittens, and buying an airboat from them then riding out into the sunset. Cats.

What is the most famous canal in the 1800s?

Erie Canal

Was the Erie Canal cemented?

The Erie Canal was not cemented.

What lake did the Erie Canal join with?

The Erie Canal reached Lake Erie.

What is the longest canal in America?

The longest canal ever built in North America was the Wabash & Erie Canal in Indiana, stretching 497 miles from Lake Erie (Toledo, OH) to the Ohio River (Evansville, IN). It connects and uses multiple waterways throughout the state of Indiana, including the Maumee River, the Miami & Erie Canal, the origianl Wabash & Erie Canal, the Wabash River, the Cross Cut Canal, and the Central Canal. Ground was broke in 1832, and the canal began operation in 1843.

What did the Erie Canal connect?

The Erie canal connects Lake Erie to the Hudson River.

What did the Erie Canal connected with?

The Erie Canal connected the Hudson River at Albany with Lake Erie.

What canal is between Lake Erie and Hudson river?

Erie canal

Canal between Lake Erie and Hudson river?

Erie Canal

Canal connecting Albany NY to Lake Erie?

The Erie Canal.

Canal joining Lake Erie and the Hudson River?

erie canal