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Q: What professional soldiers colonized the New World for Spain?
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Professional soldiers who colonized the new world for Spain?


Countries that colonized the new world?


What areas of the new world were colonized by European?


What European country colonized in the New World in the 1500?

Spain and Portugal.

What European country colonized the most land in the New World?


Which three European countries were the major colonizers of the new world?

Actually there were four major colonizers of the New World. France and England colonized the majority of North America, while Spain and Portugal colonized the majority of Central and South America. Holland to a much lessor extent also colonized parts of the New World. Instead of reading the answer is Spain, France and Europe

Did british soldiers join the German army during World War 2?

Not in high numbers, no. Most "defectors" Into Axis ranks were soldiers from British colonized lands.

What nations colonized the new world?

( you mean america? :/) mainly Spain and England. also for a time Germany, France and the Netherlands.

What are the territories that became English language speakers?

Primarily the ones that were colonized by England, which were most of the world actually. Examples are England, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and India. Nearly the entire world at the time was colonized by either the UK or Spain.

What impact did World War 2 have on Spain?

Spain was neutral and outside of sending some soldiers to fight for Hitler in Russia, WWII basically passed Spain by.

What countries colonized in the New World?

Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Russia all held colonies in the New World.

Where did Spain colonize in the New World?

Spain colonized from Utah and California all the way to Patagonia in Chile and Argentina all across the American mainland (except for Brazil and the Eastern United States).

Why was Spain able to control much of the new world?

Spanish soldiers were sent to the New World in great numbers

Who discovered Rio de Janeiro?

Ferdinand Magellan discovered Rio in 1512 on his voyage around the world and colonized it for Spain and it was later taken by Portugal.

What was the Golden Age in Spain like?

The Golden Age of Spain was one of great optimism and exploration by the Spanish royalty. The nation colonized vast areas of the world and grew extremely wealthy in a very short time.

After World War 1 who colonized the middle east?

In the 1920's, after the First World War, the Middle East was colonized mostly by France, Spain, Britain, and Italy. However, rebellion and a fight for independence began around this time, and many countries became sovereign nations in the decades following the war.

What areas of the world were being colonized by Great Britain and Germany in World War 1?

germany had colonized where google was

What areas of the New World were colonized by Spain?

Spain colonized all of Central and South America, with the exception of Brazil, which became a colony of Portugal. They also controlled many of the islands in the Caribbean Sea. The current US states of Florida, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona were first explored by the Spanish, who also controlled Louisiana for a time between French domination.

What Southeast Asian country was never colonized by europeans?

The kingdom of Siam [Thailand] was never colonized by a European country in the past, Nepal was never colonized by any county in the world. Nepal is small,soldiers were women,kids and old people who fought against British, hills and mountain were advantages, they got the guts to fight against armed force with special kind of weapon named kukuri.

Which fee pays for a licensed professional to determine value of a home?

You need to say where in the world you are. About US $ 250 in Spain.

Is Thailand a first second or third world country?

A third world country is one in which was colonized. Thailand has never been colonized thus it is not a third world country.

First colonized country in the world?


Why is the southern part of the New World often referred to as Latin America?

Because the Southern and Central part of 'the New World' were conquered and colonized by Spain and Portugal. Also their national languages were changed to Spanish and Portuguese which are both Latin-based Languages.

Who colonized the Philippines?

The Philippines was colonized by three countries, namely:Spain colonized the Philippines for 333 yearsUnited Sates of America for 50 yearsJapan during World War 2The Philippines is now an independent democratic country.

What European country colonized Rwanda?

Germany colonized Rwanda in 1890. After World War I, the League of Nations gave Rwanda to Belgium.