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Bunny ears serve many purposes. Bunny ears are used by the animal known as rabbits for hearing sounds. Humans use fake bunny ears for costume purposes.


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there is not a code for the bunny ears

yes it ok to hold a bunny by the ears but becareful not to hurt it

a chocolate bunny, or a 'chocolate bunny with no ears'? or, "A good start." Found this answer on an Easter card

After you get the bunny drone ears get near Dr. Hare and pretend you are a drone and then take him down.

The E.B bunny and the small bunny big ears.

Smallworlds made an easter package that had 1 bunny ears and 1 bunny basket with that package, but since that package had ended ages ago, you can't buy it so to answer your question to get bunny ears you have to buy it from people that bought that package, bunny ears its self now cost around 15k gold to 18k.

A bunny has ears, a tail, legs, arms, a mouth, eyes and a nose

if a person does the two bunny ears it means that they like you and if they do more that means for Halloween they want to see you wearing a bunny costume with more than two ears if a person does bunny ears behind your head it means meet me in the bed in 10 to 2 minutes and also means they like you

If you visit on Easter, you get a basket. You open it up and there's Bunny Ears as one of the gifts. so will they be no longer of any value????? Each Easter, GANZ gives you a different gift. On Webkinz year one, in the Easter gift, there was white bunny ears. On Webkinz year two, in the Easter basket was Fuzzy Pink Bunny Ears. A.K.A Pink bunny ears. Each year, there is a different Easter gift. So the bunny probably won't be an Easter gift any more.

the bunny ears go on the guy running around lon lon ranch. you have to stop him and talk to him. make sure your wallet is empty, because he will give you 500 rupees for the bunny ears.

you go to the door where bunny drones are aloud

No bunny ears are more like a hair band as it holds hair back rather than cover the top of your head.

They changed back to VHF which means the bunny ears. So use Bunny ears to get channels 7.1-13.1

You have to talk to the person who has bunny ears on and distract them. Then you shut the bunny ears off. And the guy will give you this password. Your welcome!!!

um bunny ears or regular Bunny Ears : put 1 string under the other than make to things tht look like bunny ears an tie em thts it Regular : put the 1 string other than make a bunny ear an wrap it an tie it thts it

When any gender puts bunny ears behind someone's head it means they want to have highly romantic socializing

step 1: take the laces and crosd them over eachother so that they make an X shape. step 2: take the end of the X shapes and loop them both to make two bunny ears. step 3: take the bunny ears and twist them together. step 4: take one if the bunny ears, and loop it throught the hole in between the twusted bunny ears.

it was given as a gift like the bunny ears or the arte holiday toy .

I usually always go for the chocolate bunny ears first.

in the place where only bunny drones are allowed

Four foot if you count the ears.

Cradle it from underneath-never by the ears.

did bunny ears on my teacher

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