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They usually ask [ is so and so employeed and for how long ] they may look in the phone book to see if the business is real and varify the address and phone number.

Income is done through pay stubs, or tax statements scedule C or 6 to 24 months personal bank statements [ deposits added together divided by 6,12 or 24 months is the income ] Business the same minus 25% to 50%.

If the loan is stated they ask no questions about income.

If it is no doc they ask no questions about empoyment.

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Q: What questions can a mortgage company ask when verifiying employment and income?
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What can a mortgage company do if mortgage has not been paid in 4 years

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Potential employers routinely verify current and past employment. You will be asked to provide them with the company name, address, phone number, and the dates of your employment.

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Yes the mortgage company verifies income.

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Refinancing a mortgage can usually be a very simple process as long as you have the correct information and you are working with a mortgage company that communicates with you effectively and has all the information you need. Generally, the process starts with filing an application with a mortgage company to refinance, known as the per-approval process. On the application, you will include information such as employment and income, assets, and credit history. After filing the application, the mortgage company will verify and check through all the information you provided to determine whether or not you will be eligible to receive the loans to refinance. Once approved and finalized, the loan documents will be made and delivered to you at the place of settlement. It is important to note that it is essential that you keep your financial history clean and unaltered during this process as any red flags can cost you any eligibility to receive the loans you need for refinancing. Other than that, you simply need to work with your mortgage company and communicate with them with regards to any questions or concerns you may have. A good mortgage company will usually provide you with a wealth of information on this topic on their site.

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Set forth why you desire employment with our company?

set forth why you desire employment with our company?

Will bankruptcy protect me from foreclosure by my mortgage company?

Yes, bankruptcy protect you from foreclosure by your mortgage company. You can read more at

How do you do a mortgage calculation?

Probably the most simple way is to visit a mortgage company site; more often than not, they will have a section dedicated to a mortgage calculator. All you need you is information on your mortgage and from there it is as simple as plugging in the numbers. Additionally, this section of the site can further be broken up to help answer any questions that you might have such as 'Should I refinance?'. It ultimately helps you answer your own questions based off the results you get after plugging in the numbers, so you don't even need to contact anyone at the company itself if your questions do not go beyond what you see in the results. It should a very fast and simple process that could be done in one sitting as long as the site you are on has a mortgage calculator.

What company provides the best canadian mortgage rate?

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Should I get a loan modification attorney or do it myself?

It depends on if your mortgage company is willing to work with you. Our attorney advised us to work with the mortgage company directly. This was the process we went through: 1. Call mortgage company and speak to specialist.2. Fill out questionnaire sent by mortgage company to home owner.3. Gather & send in paperwork requested by mortgage company.4. Receive response from mortgage company.5. Receive, sign and send back loan modification paperwork.

When mortgage holders die what are mine and the mortgage company rights?

If a mortgage holder (mortgagee) dies the rights under the mortgage pass to her heirs. If a mortgagor (borrower) dies the mortgage company has a lien on real estate that still must be paid.

If your lender sells your loan to another lender are they suppose to notify you that your mortgage was sold?

Yes, do not send anything to anyone who claims to have purchased the mortgage. Continue to send payments to the original mortgage company until THEY inform you otherwise. There is a scam out there where people get the mortgage information from county records then send an official looking letter. It's good for one or two mortgage payments to a mail drop and you end up being out a couple payments. Don't fall for that one. If you have any questions, contact your original mortgage company and verify the mortgage status

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A California mortgage company can be found on the internet at the First California Mortgage Company website. There is a wealth of knowledge on the website that should help answer any problems you come across.

Will the mortgage company offer to reduce your mortgage due to the mortgage crisis?

Some banks will - the best thing to do is call your mortgage company and see what they are offering. Banks make more money by keeping you in your house and paying your mortgage, so you may be able to refinance or renegotiate the terms of your mortgage.

Can mortgage company foreclose on an estate home in probate?

Yes, if the mortgage is in default.Yes, if the mortgage is in default.Yes, if the mortgage is in default.Yes, if the mortgage is in default.