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Muscle does not turn to fat.

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Q: What rate does muscle turn to fat without exercise?
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How can you turn your flab into muscle?

Exercise with weights. If it is flabby muscle this will be sufficient. If there is fat as well you will have to eat an energy controlled dietand take aerobic exercise.

Without exercise how long does it take muscle to turn to fat?

Muscles may shrink, and you may accumulate fat reserves if you consume and store more than you burn off, but those are two different processes.Muscles do not turn into fat. To learn more about this, search for [ protein turnover ].

How do you remove fats from stamach what exercise we should do?

you should do sit ups and stuff like that this will turn the fat into muscle.

How does exercise help you lose weight if muscle builds on fat?

the bigger your muscle becomes, bigger consume of energy after exercise. After aprox. 20 min of exercise you will use your energy from the fat, and if your intake of energy is less than your consume, is just math. Muscle doesn't build fat (it burns it) and muscle weighs more than fat. If you became a body builder and had good muscles and then years later didn't bother to keep up your exercise regime this is when the muscle would turn to fat. Muscle cannot turn to fat. But if you do not continue working it you will lose muscle mass and burn less calories. If you do not eat less or exercise more to compensate for this reduction in muscle mass than you will gain weight back in the form of fat.

Will distilled water change fat into muscle?

No, fat cannot turn into muscle and muscle cannot turn into fat.

Why doesn't fat turn to muscle or muscle turn to fat?

They are different tissues. Bones don't turn into livers and lead doesn't turn into gold.

How does shivering produce body heat?

Shivering is a reflex caused by rapid muscle contractions that generate heat. The increased muscle activity raises the body's metabolic rate, which in turn produces more heat to help maintain a stable body temperature.

Why does creatinine kinase levels rise with muscle weakness?

Your creatine kinase (CK) levels are related to muscle breakdown. After any exercise, particularly a strenuous workout, your CK levels will be much higher due to the strain placed on the body and consequent muscle breakdown. CK levels can rise uncontrollably, usually indicating a type of muscle dystrophy is occurring. If the levels do not return to normal, it signifies that muscle breakdown has not ceased. This in turn reduces the muscle's ability to function, creating a weakness.

How does weight training and regular exercise lower the risk of heart disease and obesity?

lowers obesity by having you replace fat and flab with muscle. then in turn not being overly large lowers your chance for heart disease.

Why does fat turn to muscle?

It doesn't. Fat and Muscle are both completely different things.

The muscle you use to turn your head is the?

The stenocleidomastoid

Does ASTHMA effect your heart rate when exercising?

Asthma affects pulmonary (lung) function which in turn affects cardiac function. Reduced cardiac output is one of the more serious aspects of a severe acute asthma attack. This will result in an elevated pulse even without exercise. Exercise for asthmatics should be done after a medical evaluation and commenced in stages. Do not rush out and commence a high energy aerobic workout. Gradual development of exercise tolerance should be a goal for all "active" asthmatics.