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Many people have been through a exorcisms.

NoneI'd like to see an Islam follower possessed by the devil got exorcised by the invocation of Jesus' name, or a Christian got exorcised by Mohammed's name.

ANSWER: in the catholic church, one or two branches believe there was once a man controled by evil spirits or saten. im not sure where you can find more information on this but i heard it strait from a preacher of the church.

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Q: What real people have been through an exorcism?
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Its name is Satan

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Its Real It Was Based On A True Story In Louisana, 2009

Is Islamic exorcism real?

Exorcism and other superstitious activities are not appreciated in Islam. Anyhow, it is practiced by some people who claim to be the Muslims. A Muslim should seek assistance from Almighty Allah in all circumstances.

Is exorcism real?

is exorcism real Yes, exorcism (to expel, remove, or banish an evil or malevolent spirit or demon) is real, and it is practiced by several faiths, not just Christians. truly real, though in the movie the exorcist (great movie) it is very unlikely you shall be possessed by Satan. watch "a haunting" on the discovery channel (channel 48) It is certainly a ritual carried out by some religious orders. yeah, is it not more in Christianity well basically i am an exorcism right at this moment am just chilling in my exorcism shiz yano.. its hard it is

When did Emily rose die?

Well in real life she did die after the exorcism

Is exorcism a moral act?

If devils/evil spirits really do inhabit some people, then you ae saving their soul and body, so yes. If they don't, then exorcism can be seen as a very cruel way of treating someone for no real benefit, so no.

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Both- Depends on too many factors and subjective interpretations to be categorically defined as real or fake.

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yes. watch the exorcism of emily rose. it is a movie.. Im serious..

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Demons are not real. So no they couldn't perform an exorcism. * the question was not on whether or not demons existed. Also if they don't exist than an exorcism would have no point. Please don't answer unless you read the question properly.* * I believe that demons would not be able to perform an exorcism. Why would they perform one? It kills them like hell. Anyway they would just be able to get out of a person's body on their own. Unless they human was strong enough to take over for a while and perform an exorcism for themselves, i don't think it is really feasible.

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No, The Exorcist, film and book are based on an exorcism that the book's writer, William Blatty had heard of while he was a college student.

Is The Exorcist story real?

supposedly the exorcist and the exorcism of Emily rose are both based on true stories, but how much is debatable! Okayy

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Are demons or any other supernatural things real?

Demons are real. If you heard about Anneliese Michel and what she has been through. You'll know. She was possesed by six demons, The one who was within Cain, The one who was within Nero,The one who was within Judas, A demon that was with Legion, Belial, and Lucifer-The Devil himself. There are 42 recordings of her Exorcisms. She lived in Germany. She and her family were strict Catholics. Her medical treatments failed to save her so, her family's only other choice was an Exorcim(s). She died after her last Exorcism. The Priests failed to get rid of The demons. She is now considered a Saint to most people who believe.....Including me.

Is the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose real?

It's based on the (supposedly) true story of a young woman named Anneliese Michel. That doesn't make the movie, "real," as in, a documentary. It's still a scripted movie with actors, a set, and props. The movie's storyline is based on something real; the movie itself is not, "real."