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Q: What refers to the process by which the computer rewrites data to RAM?
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Can a computer process data?

Yes, computer can process data.

Computer process output information into input data?

No. Computer process (input) information into (output) data.

Where does a computer process the data?

Data is usually processed in the computer's memory.

What does a computer process?

Computers process data.

What is electronic data processing?

refers to the use of the computer in processing data

In what ways can a computer process data?

There computer can process data in various ways. This mainly involves inputting data, analysis of the data, evaluation processing and output of information.

What is the meaning of 2gb ram?

2GB of ram refers to the the amount of actions a PC or laptop can process. It stands for random access memory and how much data the computer can process. 2GB is a high amount of data processing.

What Software refers to the that a computer uses to complete tasks?

____________________ refers to the task or tasks carried out by the computer, or what it does with the data.

How the computer process data into useful information?

by the process of data base in ms office

The components that process data in a computer are where?

The components that process data are located in the system unit

What refers to the raw data that is entered into a computer?


What is a computer why it is known as data processor?

A computer is known as a data processor because that's what it does. Process data (programs)

What are the basic functions of a computer?

One of the basic functions of a computer are to input data and then process it. A computer also outputs data and stores data.

How the computer process data?


How computer process data?


What is difference between computer engineering and information technology?

Computer engineering refers to the design of computers. Information technology refers to the management of computer data and systems.

How you define SCADA?

SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA usually refers to an industrial computer system that monitors and controls a process.

What does the term continuous data protection refer to?

Continuous data protection refers to the storage of computer data through a repeated back up system every time it is altered. The process was invented by Pete Malcolm in 1989.

What is electronic processing?

refers to the use of the computer in processing data

What is the relationship between data and information in computer?

In a computer, data refers to a collection of numbers, words, stats, or other components that, when translated by a computer, generate information. Data is processed to produce information.

Are there different ways for a computer to process data?


How does CPU process data?

you should on the computer

Example for how data process in computer?


What are the instructions to the computer on how to process data?


What is the process of converting text into data that can be process by a computer called?

copy and paste stupid

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