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What regelion do witches follow?

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A Witch is someone who practices WitchCraft. Witches could follow any religion that accepts WitchCraft. (The word Wtch does not mean Female. A male could also practice Witchcaft, and be called as a Witch) Many Witches follow a pagan religion. There is a large number of Witches who follow Wicca as their religon; but this does Not mean that all Witches follow Wicca, or All Wiccans practice WitchCraft. WitchCraft itself is a religion. Wicca is a new religion which is very simillar to the ancient religion of Witches.

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What are white witches?

White witches are witches who generally follow the "harm none" rule and use magick only for good and unselfish purposes.

Are All Witches Wiccan?

Not necessarily. There can be Witches who are not followers of Wicca. And one can follow and practice only the Wiccan rituals without using the Witchcraft. There are many Wiccans who Practice Witchcraft. It is like two intersecting sets in a Venn diagram. There are also Pagan Witches, Neo-Pagan Witches, Eclectic Witches, Satanic Witches and many more..

Can humans become witches?

Witches aren't something anyone is born as. It's a path of faith. to be a witch, all there is to do is to follow the Wiccan faith. So, yes.

Who invented witches?

Witches have been around since man first became spiritual/religious. Modern day witches or pagans follow the same basic belief system that was first observed thousands of years ago. So witches have always been here (even before Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, etc.).

What are witches supposed to do?

Witches revere nature and follow a nature-based calendar. Many witches worship the creator in the form of the Goddess and some have home-based altars which incorporate their favorite Goddess and sacred objects. Witches also offer their services to the wider community some charge some don't it all depends how your feeling is on the matter

Can witches do something to see everything you are doing?

No. Actual witches are people who follow the Wiccan faith. Their magical (magickal) powers have more to do with herbalism and intuition than with the magic powers described in fantasy and fiction.

How do people know that witches are real?

They don't, because they're not. The witches you read and see films about are simply fiction. The only people who are witches are those that follow the neo-pagan religion of Wicca. However these people have no supernatural powers, it is a just name by which they refer to themselves. As with christians or muslims.

What is the apostrophe of witches?

It should be witches'. Example: Witches' brooms

How are called group of witches?

A coven of witches, usually 13 witches.

Are witches just like people?

Witches are not "just like people", they are people. They are old, young, women, men, tall, short, heavy slim, from all walks of life and all countries of the world. Witches are just people who follow a spiritual path (like all spiritual paths, protected by law), they just are.

Female witches are called?

there are called witches same goes for male witches.

Who is the goddess of witches?

This depends on the Witch. Different Witches follow different Goddess's or Gods, depending on their religious association. Many Pagan Witches have either a Matron Goddess or a Patron God or both, whom is/are their primary focus of worship. Many Wiccans follow a similar system. Many Wiccans believe in an all-encompassing creative force known as "The All", "The Source (of all Life)", "The Creator", which is comprised by the polarities of both the God (the Lord), and the Goddess (The Lady.)

Why were so many witches executed for being witches?

Witches were thought to be the devils helper.

What is 'witches' when translated from English to Italian?

"Witches" in English is streghe in Italian.

How many witches were there?

There are 3 witches. Only one of the witches in Macbeth is named, that is Hecate.

Religions of a witch?

There is a vast majourity of Witches who follow Wicca as their religion. Because Wicca ans Witchcraft have o many things in common since Wicca started from Witchcraft itself and developed as a religion. Apart from that there are so many religions Witches could follow. Voodoo is also a religion and people who follow Voodoo practices Witchcraft. In LaVey satanism, the second degree female rank is "Witch". They also practice a form of ceremonial Witchcraft.

Is Friday the 13th bad for witches?

No. 13 is actually the "traditional" number of the members of a coven. Also Friday is named after the Goddess Fria. Though there are exceptions to this, many Witches actually don't believe in bad-luck, but rather follow the belief in Karmatic principles.

Why not trust the witches?

Because "witches lie".

How is King James connected to Macbeth by witches?

King James was interested in witches. Macbeth has witches in it.

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