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The countries of the Middle East depend economically on oil, their only major export. The countries include Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Yemen. The Eurasian countries of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are also exporters, as are the north African countries of Libya, Algeria, Oman, Sudan, Egypt, and Syria.

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Which region has an economy that is most dependent on the export if oil?

The eastern Mediterranean. - Apex

What region has an economy that is most dependent on the export of oil?

The Persian Gulf or the eastern Mediterranean's economy is most dependent on the export of oil.

Which region has an economy that is most dependent on the export of oil?

The Middle East and Southwest Asia's economy depend on the export of oil. Several countries in Africa have a dependence on imported oil.

Where does The agricultural region Argentina's economy depends on?

pampas landmark was the agricultural region argentina's economy was mainly dependent on..

Which region has an economy that is most Dependant on the export of oil?

The Persian Gulf

What is peculiarity of the Mediterranean region?

wht is the peculiarity of mediterranean region?

What religion dominates the northwest portion of the Mediterranean region?

Christianity is the religion that dominates the northwest portion of the Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean region is the land around the Mediterranean Sea.

Is the Mediterranean region part of Europe?

Yes, the Mediterranean is the Southern region of Europe and is very important to the continent/region.

How did Islam affect the Mediterranean region?

Well they basically took over the whole Mediterranean Region.

What Region in Europe is Italy in?

The Mediterranean region.

Where is the Mediterranean region?

The Mediterranean Sea lies between southern Europe and northern Africa. It and the countries that surround it would be regarded as the Mediterranean region.

How did Alexander change life around the Mediterranean region?

how did alexandria change life around the mediterranean region

What type of economic system does Djibouti have?

Djibouti's economy is dependent upon acting as a transit port for the region and as an international shipping and refueling center.

What is the economy of the Southeast region of the US?

economy of southeast region of the us

What is the eastern Mediterranean like?

the eastern Mediterranean is a mostly dry region

How far is the Mediterranean region from the equator?

The distance of the Mediterranean region from the Equator is approximately 3350 kilometers. This is equal to about 2082 miles.

What are some main jobs in the mediterranean climate region?

Fishing and farming are two of the main jobs in the Mediterranean climate region.

What region did the Phoenicians build a trading center?

Mediterranean region

What is the Mediterranean region characterized by?

it was to trick them

Where did cauliflower originate?

From the Mediterranean region

What is viticulture in the Mediterranean?

It is the wine culture in the Mediterranean region where the climate suites its production.

What was the natural environment of the eastern Mediterranean in the past?

The Eastern Mediterranean region is located by the mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean...

In what region did Judaism Develop?

The eastern Mediterranean/western Asia region.

How is andean region important to Argentina's economy?

How is the Andean region important to Argentinas economy

How did Alexander the great effect the region around the Mediterranean?

When Alexander the Great conquered the Mediterranean region, he brought his army and their customs from their home of Macedonia.