What reigned the longest?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Correct question is: What King is reigning the longest? The answer is God himself.

If the question is which human king reigned the longest, it is currently Sobhuza II of Swaziland who reigned for 82.6 years. To read more about long-reigning monarchs, visit the Related Link below.

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Q: What reigned the longest?
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Who has reigned the longest in the UK?

Queen Victoria

When will Queen Elizabeth II have reigned longest?

September 2015

Who was the longest reigning monarch?

Pepi II Neferkare reigned over ancient Egypt for 94 years. ( disputed) Taejo of Korea reigned for 93 years, from 53 to 146 A.D. ( disputed) Sobhuza II of Swaziland reigned for almost 83 years from 1899 to 1982, probably witnessing more changes in our world in his reign than any other. The longest reigning British Monarch was Queen Victoria , who reigned frrom 1837 to 1901 , a total of 63 years and 139 days. Should Queen Eliizabeth II live till 2016 she will then be Britains longest reigning monarch ever.

Who was the longest reigning king in the old testament?

Manasseh reigned the longest: 55 years starting at age 12.

Who reigned the zhou dynasty longest?

Zhou wu but im trying to figure out how long

Which of Henry VIII's children ruled England the longest?

Elizabeth I. She reigned from 1557-1603!

Which king reigned for the longest?

dont ask me oh my god ask someone else

Which King reigned for the longest time?

dont ask me oh my god ask someone else

What football team reigned the longest in the English 1st division?

Arsenal is the only club in the E.P.L.ho have never been relegated, so they have the longest reign in England.

Who reigned the longest Edward 111 or Henry 111 or Richard 111 or William 111?

edward 111

Who was Britain longest monarch?

Queen Elizabeth is the second longest reigned monarch of British history?

Who has the longest living queen been?

For the UK, it has been Queen Elizabeth II. She has reigned for 65 years as of 2017.