What relation is your great grandmother's great great granddaughter?

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Your great grandmother's great great granddaughter could be your:
  • daughter
  • niece
  • first cousin once removed
  • first cousin twice removed
  • second cousin once removed
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What relationship is your great-grandmother's first cousin's great granddaughter to you?

5th cousin was the answer first given. This describes the relationship for four generations descended from the first cousins. Therefore it is incorrect. The following explains. The first cousins children, your grandparent's generation, would be second cousins. The second cousin's children, your pare ( Full Answer )

What is the abbreviation for great great granddaughter?

There is no universally accepted abbreviation for "great great granddaughter." You can use any reasonable abbreviation or acronym you like, as long as you explain it upon first use in each document or in a preface or list of abbreviations.

How are you related to your aunts great granddaughter?

Your aunt's son or daughter is your cousin. Your cousin's children are one generation removed from yours, so your cousin's children are your first cousins once removed . They are also your aunt's grandchildren. The children of your first cousin once removed would be your first cousins twice remove ( Full Answer )

What is my great great great great great grandmother's cousin to me?

The first cousin of your great great great great great grandmother would be your first cousin, 7 times removed. The second cousin of your great great great great great grandmother would be your second cousin, 7 times removed; and so forth. You are removed from the cousin relationship by seven gener ( Full Answer )

How am I related to my great-grandmother's husband?

In most cases, your great grandmother's husband is you great grandfather. However, if he was her first husband and you are descended from a second or subsequent husband, you are not related to him at all. If you are descended from a first husband but he is a second husband, then in general, you wou ( Full Answer )

What relation is your great grandmother's niece's sister to you?

To keep it simple, let's call your great grandmother's niece "The niece" The sequence of the relationship: (1) The niece is the daughter of your great grandmother's sibling (2) The niece's sister is also the daughter of your great grandmother's sibling, and therefore also her niece. (2) T ( Full Answer )

Is your great grandmother's half brother related to me?

A half brother means that they either had the same father or mother as the rest of the siblings, but a different father or mother making them a half brother. You Grandmother's half brother would be your great uncle.

How are you related to your grandmother's great granddaughter?

All of your grandmother's grandchildren are your first cousins or your siblings or you. Her great grandchildren are all your first cousins once removed, except those who are your nieces and nephews, or your own children. In general, first cousins share a grandparent. Second cousins share a great ( Full Answer )

How is my son related to my great grandmother's great granddaughter?

If you are a woman, you are your great grandmother's great granddaughter so your son is the son of her great granddaughter. But there are other possible relationships to other of her great granddaughters. The great granddaughter could be your sister. Then your son is her nephew and she is his a ( Full Answer )