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Liverpool was a great British port during America's boom times. Many people emigrated from Europe to America via Liverpool. Liverpool's most famous son John Lennon was shot in New York. Central Park was modelled on Birkenhead Park. Liverpool is twinned with New York.

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Q: What relationship does the US have with Liverpool England?
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Is Liverpool in England or Wales?

Liverpool is in England. close to Wales, but in England.

The beatles are from what city in England?

The Beatles are from Liverpool

Where is Liverpool hope university?

Liverpool Hope University is in Liverpool, England. Specifically, it is at the following address: Liverpool Hope University Hope Park, Liverpool, L16 9JD, England

Where did John Lennon grow up?

Liverpool, EnglandLiverpool , England

Who is better Liverpool or England?

Well, Liverpool is a club in the english Premier league, while England is the best of everyone born in england. So, international England would be better then Liverpool FC.

What part of England is Liverpool?

Liverpool is a city in Merseyside, located in the North West of England.

Is liver pool in England?

Yes, Liverpool is located in England. Liverpool was formed in 1207 and became a city in 1880. Liverpool is the sixth most populated city in all of England.

Is liverpool a coutry?

No, Liverpool is a city in the country of England.

Is Liverpool a city or a town?

Liverpool is a city in England

Where did The Beatles start?

Liverpool, EnglandLiverpool

Where abouts is Liverpool?

Liverpool is in the North West of England.

How do Liverpool talk?

People from Liverpool speak English, since Liverpool is in England. Liverpool's dialect is known as Scouse.

Are The Beatles from England?

yes, Liverpool England

Where in England is Liverpool located?

Liverpool is in the Northwest portion of England, within the United Kingdom. It is in the county of Merseyside.

Who are ruler of Liverpool England?

The ruler of Liverpool is the same ruler as for the rest of England, Queen Elizabeth II.

What is the distance from York England to Liverpool England?

The distance from York, England, to Liverpool, England, is 87 miles. That equals 140 kilometers or 76 nautical miles.

What is the distance in miles from London England to Liverpool England?

230 miles from Liverpool City Centre to Canary Wharf

Where was all the beatles born?

All four of them were born in Liverpool, England.

What city in England were the Beatles from originally?

Liverpool England

Are Liverpool and Manchester in the east of England?

No, they are in the northwest of England.

Where does Liverpool football club come from?

A place called Liverpool in England.

What is the area of Liverpool in square kilometres?

Liverpool, England is 111.8 km²

Where is Liverpool?

The most well known Liverpool is located in England, although there are several other Liverpool's throughout the world. Liverpool is a city and a metropolitan borough located at Merseyside, England, at the eastern side of the Mersey estuary.

What languages are spoken in Liverpool England?

They speak English.Liverpool, England's main language is English.The langauge spoken in Liverpool is English. The dialect is scouse.

Which country is Liverpool in?