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The mitochondria releases energy for a cell. All cells have mitochondria except for bacteria. Cellular respiration also occurs here.

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Q: What releases energy for a eukaryotic cell?
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What organelle transforms sugar into energy in the cell?

Eukaryotic cells have Mitochondria which transfer glucose (the sugar) into ATP via oxidative phosphorylation, which releases energy into the cell.

What part of a cell releases energy?

The Mitochondria is the cell part that releases energy.

What releases energy stored in food in a cell?

Cellular respiration releases energy stored in food in a cell.

What releases energy in the cell?


Releases energy in the cell?


What cell organelles produce energy in eukaryotic cell?

The Mitochondria.

What is the function of the cytoplasm in a eukaryotic cell?

to provide the cell with energy

What in a cell releases usable energy for the cell?


What part in the cell releases energy in to the cell?


Which of a cell's organelles releases energy stored in food?

Mitochrondria releases energy stored in food.

What releases cell energy?

A cell releases energy from food in the process of cellular respiration which is in the presence of oxygen, or fermentation which is in the absence of oxygen.

What stores and releases energy for the cell?


What process releases energy for cellular use?

the electron transport chain is the main source of energy for eukaryotic cells

What is an organelle that releases energy for metabolic activity in a nerve cell?

The mitochondrion releases the energy for metabolic activity

Which cell structure releases the energy stored in glucose?

Mitochondria releases energy in glucose.It generates energy through respiration

What stores and releases energy when a cell needs it?


Process by which a cell releases energy from food?


What cell releases energy stored in food?

the mitochondria

What is mitocondrion?

Mitochondria is a structure that releases energy for a cell.

What part of cell releases energy from nutrients?


Which organelles releases energy to be used by the cell?


What cell organelles produce energy in eukaryotic cells?

The Mitochondria

What do mitochondria do in a eukaryotic cell?

They are the power houses.They generate energy.

Which cell organelles produce energy in eukaryotic cells?


What is the purpose of cellular respiration in a eukaryotic cell?

The purpose of cellular respiration in an eukaryotic cell is to break down carbohydrates and to give the cell energy in the form of ATP. Cellular respiration in the eukaryotic cell takes place in the mitochondria.