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Islam is a religion. Your question is incoherent.

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How did Muhammad spread Islam?

Muhammad spread the religion of Islam by teaching of the religion. He taught people that he was the messanger of God and that also spread Islam.

What town is the religion of Islam located?

Islam religion is spread allover the world.

What religion was spread from Arabia?

Islam spread from Arabia.

What is the shona religion?

the religion of the shona empire is Islam, the Islam religion will spread into Africa and hit the shona empire

Where are the areas of religion of Islam?

Islam religion is spread all over the world. However, Islam religion is major religion in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

Why did Muhammad spread the news about Islam?

Prophet Muhammad spread the religion of Islam so that people can follow/practice this religion. Just like why did Jesus spread the news about Christianity?

What is the difference between the spread of Islam and Islam today?

Islam today is a fast-growing religion.... islam is still being spread today...it is the second largest religion .. .. it is in every nation and still spreading.

Who were the first people to spread Islam?

Islam, as a religion with the revealed Qur'an was first spread by Mohammed and the Sahaba (Disciples).

Who were the leaders who spread Islam after Islam's death?

Islam is a religion not a spiritual leader. Islam is not dead.

What religion spread from north Africa to West Africa?

What religion spread from North Africa to west Africa

What religion spread from the Arabian peninsula to Africa beginning in the ad 600s?

Islam was the religion that spread from the Arabian Peninsula to Africa.

What are some areas far from the birthplace of Islam where the religion has spread?

Islam has spread to all continents of the world , the farthest point is Alaska .

How did Askia Muhammad spread Islam religion and education through songhai?

The Islamic religion was mostly spread throughout Africa, and eventually Asia too, by trade. Muhammad also set up local courts to honor Muslim laws.

How was the Islam religion found?

The Islam religion was found by a god of some sort, just as Judaism was spread by a messiah known as Abraham

What religion has spread most rapidly in Asia?

If we take time as a measure of the spread of religion,then since its establishment ,Islam is the religion which spread or still spreading rapidly in Asia followed by Christianity.

Who is the profit of Islam religion?

Muhammed, who spread Islam starting from Mecca, and sprouted the Muslim empire.

Who spread the religion Islam the most?

It was during the reign of the second Rightful Caliph Hazrat Omar RAU the Islam spread far and wide.

Have the Muslims always wanted to spread Islam?

yes. it is part of the religion to spread its words to the people.

Who spread the religion after Muhammad's death?

Mohammed's Apostles (the Sahaba) spread Islam after Mohammed died.

Was Prophet Ayyub special to any religion other than Islam?

no da only religion dat prophet ayyub spread was Islam . . . .

Where did Islamic civilization spread?

Islam is a religion, or belief system, which is worldwide. Islam is no more, or less, a civilisation than any other religion

How did Islam start spreading?

The religion of Islam spread by Prophet MUhammad (saw). he went on "the night journey" where there, he spread Islam and many followed.in fact, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. i would know because iam a muslim, thank u allah.

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