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The Qur'an is associated with the religion, Islam.


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Muslims follow the religion of Islam. Therefore, the Quran of Islam is the Quran of the Muslims.

The Qur'an is associated with the religion, Islam.

Yes, it is associated with Rastafarian religion.

it isn't associated with any religion....

The religion the quran comes from is Islam. =)

Islamic so they are in the Quran

No religion is based on Quran and Bible. Islam is based on Quran. Judaism and Christianity is based on Bible. Most of the Quran teachings come from the Bible even though there are fundamental differences between the teachings of Quran and the Bible. Quran is the product of Muhammad's claim (the prophet of Islam). Bible is the product of about 40 different people's claim of God's revelation.

The festival does not have music played. It has Quran. This is because music is forbidden in the Muslim religion.

Holy books associated with Islam religion is only one; the holy book Quran (or may be spelled Kuran, Quraan, or Qura'n). The sayings of prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) are important to be recognized and followed and are of primary importance to be observed after the Quran . However, the books these sayings of these sayings are not considered holy books.

The sacred book of the Islamic religion is called the Quran or Koran

The Quran is a holy book that explains the religion of Allah and that Allah is the only god and that Allah is everything. The Quran explains the Islam religion and tells us about heaven and hell. The Quran is very important to the Islam religion.The Quran also has its Christmas as so does the Bible. Just it is not called Christmas, the people travel to a certain location and celebrate in a different manner than Christmas does.

to reveal the religion and the quran

No Quran is the holy book of Islam religion per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Bible is the holy book of Christianity,

Read the quran u can find translations of the quran in Islamic shops or even the British library

Sunni religion??? i think your little confusedTheir is only one religion both for a sunni or shii' that is Islam.There is no sunni religion or shii religion!!! Islam is the only religion and how did it start you have to read the Quran,"Sunni" means "traditionalist" they go by the Quran and the teaches of Muhammad (PBUH) where shii means " the party of Ali" they too follow the Quran, but they say that After the Death of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Ali was his cousin was suppose to take leadership, not his trusted friend.

The religion that synagogues are associated with is Judaism.

Judaism - The religion of the Jewish people.

He is associated with Islam. He was the last Prophet of Islam.

Quran, prophet Muhammad, and Islam religion

The Islamic religion, per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by God; has Shariah.

Quran Pak is the main primary source of information about the religion of Islam.

The religion is called Islam; the followers are called muslims; their holy book is the Quran.

Islam is the religion name as named by God (Allah) in Quran. It means peace and full submission to God (Allah) and surrender to Him. Quran says (meaning English translation): "Surely the (true) religion with Allah is Islam, ... " [Quran, chapter 3, verse 19]

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