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What religions are illegal in America?


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August 13, 2012 10:37PM

Answer 1: There is no such thing as an illegal religion in the US, because it is against human rights. However if a certain religion disobeys the law then it would be frowned upon. Basically because America is such a free country then any religion is allowed.

Answer 2: None. That's it. No further qualification or quantification, such as offered in the first answer is (or at least should be) required. Such, in fact, contributes to inaccuracy and misunderstanding with regard to the very narrow thing asked. The bottom line of the question actually asked is this: No religions are illegal in America... period.

Er... well... not, at least, the "United States" (US) part of it.

Remember that, technically, "America" is two continents: North America, and South America. The US is part of North America. People sometimes say "America" to mean the US, but that's an arrogance usually exhibited by those in the US (and no slight is intended to anyone who so does... I've been known to do it, too. My answer about there bein no religion in America that's illegal is strictly about the US -- the United States of America (USA) -- and not any other part of either North or South America (though there may well be other North or South American countries where there are no illegal religions, too). What religions are or are not legal in other parts of either North or South America is another matter, altogether.

The bottom line, though, is that no religion is illegal in the US (or USA). Period.