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It depends on which colonies you're talking about. I will give you a quick run through of the southern colonies and their main religious beliefs: Maryland, Catholic. Virginia, Anglican. North Carolina, Christian. South Carolina, christian. Georgia, Anglican.

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What was the religions practiced in southern colonies?

The southern colonies of where? Australia? New Zealand? US? Etc. Re-ask the question with the missing information.

What religion did the southern colonies have?

The Catholic and Protestant religions, The English Catholics

What different religions were in southern colonies?

The Southen colonies were primarily Protestant, excluding the Catholic haven of Maryland.

Compare and contrast slavery in the southern colonies to slavery in the northern colonies?

the southern colonies had mostly platations and had the largest amount of slaves in the 3 regions of colonies. In the middle colonies they were very tolerant of differant religions and ethnicities

Why were the campaigns in the Middle and Southern Colonies important?

The middle and southern colonies' campaigns were important because they were the melting pot of that age. The middle colonies had lots of religions and cultures, while the southern colonies had vegetation. They used this to create what we call a melting pot.

What religious groups settled in the southern colonies in the 1600?

The southern colonies were practices religious freedom, however the dominant religions were Puritan, Anglican, Protestant, and Christian.

What religions were in the southern colonies?

AnswerReligions in the southern colonies were the bases of life. The reasons the colonies were founded were to procure religious freedom. Granted, some of the colonies broke away from this founding, but colonies like Maryland were founded specifically to be a haven of religious freedom to all Christians. This means that you could go there and worship the jesus and none would stop you. But mostly the main religion in the southern colonies were the Anglican faith.

Was their religious freedom in the southern colonies?

yes their was religious toleration which put up with other religions

Was there much slavery in the middle colonies?

there was no slavery at all in the middle colonies actually they didnt believe in slavery, the southern colonies were the colonies that had the slaves

What are the beliefs of the colonists in the Southern Colonies?

Although there was no dominant religion in the southern colonies, the main beliefs were those of the Anglican and Baptist faith. Most of the colonies practiced religious tolerance, however, Virginia was not tolerant of non-Christian religions, and mandated worship at the Anglican church..

Why were northern colonies more urban than southern colonies?

Because United states back then was divided into north and south during the age of the industrialization. The northern believed in machines and technology while the southern believe in the agriculture and the land. That is why northern colonies more urban than southern colonies.

Why didn't the puritans allow certain religions into their colonies?

They didn't believe that other religions were as pure as them. They believed that their way of life would be tainted if they were more tolerent

What entertainment did they have in the southern colonies?

What did the Southern Colonies do for entertainment?

Who settled the southern colonies?

Who settled in the southern colonies?

How many colonies were in the southern colonies?

7 colonies of the 13 colonies were southern

How should Georgia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Virginia be classified?

Southern Colonies. "Southern Colonies" - give me a break. This is not the year 1775. They are Southern states of the United States. "Southern Colonies" is the answer for a question on an online schooling site, so I believe that Southern Colonies is the correct answer, assuming he is asking about that particular question. I do the online schooling site, and the question is pretty much exactly the same

How did southern colonies cook?

how did people in the southern colonies cook

What Colonies grew cashcrop?

the southern coloniesthe southern colonies

Who sattle in the southern colonies?

The English settled in the Southern Colonies.

What are the three main religions of Africa?

Southern part of Africa is Christian while the northern part is Islamic. In South Sudan the people mainly believe in traditional religions.

How many religions do believe in god?

All religions believe in whatever god they believe in. All religions have a god or a diety.

Which colonies made up the southern colony?

which 13 colonies made up the southern colonies

What were the religious beliefs if the southern colonies?

The Southern Colonies were heavily Christian.

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