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Many Seventh Day Adventists oppose the consumption of tea and coffee because of their caffeine content. However, when they need a 'lift', some consume chocolate, which is also a good source of caffeine.

Many strict Later Day Saints (Mormons) abstain from the use of caffeine.

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Why do religious people use caffeine?

Although there are a few religions or sects that discourage or forbid products (mostly coffee) containing caffeine, most religions have no prohibition regarding the use of caffeine. In other words, although there may be reasons for health that one might desire to avoid caffeine, most religions do not see its use as a moral or religious problem.

Are there that religions prohibit organ and tissue donation?

yes, there are many religions that prohibit organ and tissue donations, even blood transfusions.

Does the religions of China prohibit eating a specific food?

Yes. some religions in china prohibit the consumption of a specific food but this all depends on which religion the person is in.

What religions prohibit blood transfusion?

Jehovah witness

Which of the following is a feature of caffeine use in physical activity?

College and national competitions prohibit the use of caffeine in amounts greater than that present in 5 cups of coffee when consumed within a few hours before testing. Nutrition 200 ~jm~

Do religions ban autopsies?

Some religious groups prohibit autopsies

Are women allowed to be preachers?

In many religions, yes. Some prohibit it though.

Use prohibit in a complex sentence?

I prohibit disrepecting my mother

Which religion does not use alcohol or caffeine?

The Mormon religion does not use alcohol or caffeine.

What percentage of Muslims are terrorists?

It is difficult to know the percentage of terrorists as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, ..., or followers of any other religion. Terrorists are from followers of all religions and of all faiths although all religions and all faiths prohibit terrorism and prohibit terrifying civilians.

How do you use caffeine in a sentence?

Coffee contains caffeine.

What is the function of dichloromethane in caffeine extraction?

use for extraction the caffeine

How many divorced people marry and divorce again?

It depends where you are referring to. There are religions that prohibit divorce, some allow them

Use prohibit in a sentence?

Since knives are dangerous the school will prohibit the bringing of knives to school

What religions prohibit eating pork?

Judaism (Deuteronomy ch.14), and Islam. See also:More about keeping kosher

Does coke use alcohol?

Coke does not use alcohol but they use caffeine that people mistake for alcohol. Caffeine is like alcohol though.

How do you use the word prohibit in a sentence?

Laws can prohibit just about any activity.Poverty can often prohibit success. She wanted to prohibit students from bringing pack-backs into class, but the school had no rule against it.

What could you use as an antonym for the word allow?


Why are Muslims not allowed to play with Christians?

Islam does not prohibit children from playing with children of other religions. Some parents of whatever religious faith may choose not to allow their children to play with children of different religions.

Why are religious people against abortions?

-- Some religions are against abortion, mainly because the fetus (unborn child) is considered to be a living human being, and abortion is the taking of a life. -- Other religions do not prohibit abortion.

Are there any religions that prohibit the eating of beef?

Hindus do not eat beef. The cow is highly significant in their life and is treated almost like a god.

Is it okay for preachers to drink beer?

yes Actually, that depends entirely on the preacher's religion. Some religions prohibit alcohol of any kind.

What are some countries that prohibit cell phone use while driving?

Many countries around the world prohibit cell phone use while driving as distracted driving is a major hazard on the roadways today. Countries such as Denmark, Australia and Belgium prohibit the use of cell phones while driving.

What medical professional can be consulted on the safe amount of caffeine to use?

A pharmacist or physician should be consulted to find out how much caffeine is safe to use.

Why would one use caffeine tablets?

One would use caffeine tablets in order to gain the benefits of caffeine, or to avoid withdrawl symptoms. Someone may not have access to coffee, so a tablet gives them the energy associated with caffeine, and prevents withdrawls symptoms.

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