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Can you quiet lifters?

u can quiet lifters buy adding aftermarket aditives i use engien restore in my van to do this but i know i will have to do some valve work soon . Answer . Why Suzuki cars have problems with lifters and timing belts

What are engine lifters?

Answer . They are cylinder shaped objects that look like a small juice can - some are solid and some are hydraulic. They bottom against the cam shaft. As the cam rotates they are forced upward. The upper end of the lifter is attached to the push rods. The upper end of the push rod is attached to ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with weight?

bait, hate,late, fate, crate, grate, plate,. , late fate mate gate date ate Kate mate pate rate wait great eight trait late

On 1998 z24 are the lifters hydraulics?

Yes, they are the "bucket" type. About 1" tall and about the size of a half-dollar. They are not cheap. You may find a set of new ones on eBay at a lower price.

Who is the oldest weight lifter?

At present, the world's oldest weightlifter is Sy Perlis. He isover 90 years old and competes on a regular basis.

Can the lifters on a 1991 explorer be adjusted?

The lifters on a 1991 Explorer cannot be manually adjusted.However, since the Explorer uses hydraulic lifters, they do adjustthemselves within a certain range.

How do you adjust lifters on 5.7?

I'm assuming the 5.7 your asking about is a 350 Chevy. It's not very easy to do. There are two ways. The first way is to remove the valve cover. they make a tool that you can clip on the top of the rocker arms to stop the oil from splasking everywhere. You will need a ratchet with a 5/8" deep barrel ( Full Answer )

What causes spalling on valve lifters?

There are multiple causes to intake and exhaust valve damage. Theseinclude preÊdetonation (knocking) and valve guide wear causingtracking issues.Ê

Who do lifters go bad?

do you mean "why do lifters go bad"? Well over reeving an engine can kill a lifter. Its a ticking that sticks around usually in between a certain rpm and load. Some times lifters can gum up and prevent a check ball from seating. this is usually apparent when the lifter makes constant noise of noise ( Full Answer )

What are the weights that weight lifters lift?

You've probably heard the term "pumping iron." Well, the weight plates themselves really are usually iron. The bars are usually steel, and the best ones are tempered steel. It's possible to increase strength lifting other objects such as stones or plastic weight plates filled with water or concrete. ( Full Answer )

Does having a spotter unrack weight for bench presser aid lifter on max?

It's a good idea.. It certainly doesn't hurt. After all, the bench presser has to work less immediately before an attempt. In a competition, any aid (such as a bench shirt) is welcome.. (If you are doing a heavy single bench press at home, please always have either a spotter or two or do them in a ( Full Answer )

What are valve lifters?

Your car has a cam-shaft that controls the positioning of the cylinder valves. It MAY contact the valves directly, but in most cars they are not close together. To transmit the action of the cams to the valves they might have used rocker arms and lengths of metal. Those lengths of metal are call ( Full Answer )

Are ballet dancer muscles different to weight lifter muscles?

\nDefinitely! Weight lifters are focused on the amount of weight they can lift... They would rather do 200 pounds for 2 sets of 10 where as dancers would rather do 20 for 3 sets of 25. I know it doesn't seem like that much of a difference but have you noticed how dancers look long and lean while we ( Full Answer )

What does a lifter do?

it follows the cam and pushes on the push rod wich pushes on the rocker wich pushes on the valve stem to open the valve it also acts as a damper to keep the valve clearance to zero by slowly leaking the oil that fills it when the engine is running hope this answers your question

How fix lifters?

If a lifter is worn out you are not going to fix it, you will want to replace it with a new one.

A weight lifter lifts 150 kg to a height of 2 m in 10 seconds What is the power used Remember the force of an objects weight equals mass x gravity?

We're not given the weight of the dumb-bell, but the weight of the load he lifts is (150 x 9.8) = 1,470 newtons. The potential energy gained by the weight through a rise of 2 meters is (m g h 2 ) - (m g h 1 ) = (m g) (h 2 - h 1 ) = (150 x 9.8 x 2) joules The power is the rate at which the potent ( Full Answer )

Do protein drinks help weight lifters?

to bulk up and have extra calories to burn? yes they can if they are taken as an extra meal, you can't substitute protein shakes for meals and expect to get bigger.

A weight lifter lifts a mass m at contant speed to a height h in time t how much work w is done by weight lifter?

The weight of the mass 'm' is (m g) . That's the minimum force he has to exert in order to balance the force of gravity and lift the weight vertically. If he exerts more force than (mg), the weight will accelerate up, and he'll just wind up either coasting in the middle, or else retarding it ( Full Answer )

Why would all lifters collapse?

Oil Pump not working/seized, in which case the Cam sproket may be bad as well now. Lobes may be busted. (front wheel drive)

What is a lifter for a Camaro?

It is an engine piece, that rides on the lobe of the camshaft, and raises the pushrod, which pivots the rocker arm, and opening the valve.

How do you adjust solid lifters?

Make sure your cam is rotated to lowest spot for the lifter you are about to adjust.... Once you indicate low spot ...tighten lifter till it is snug with no up or down play but still spins.... Take two wenches and lock it in...repeat for all lifters....re-check for no bent push guarantee..

What does a lifter in a mustang do?

Lifters in any type of vehicle do the same thing. They are oil-filled shock absorbers in a manner of speaking, that ride on the lobes of the crankshaft. The other end of them, or the upward facing ends loosely house one end of the push rods that end up at and move the rocker arms up and down when th ( Full Answer )

What is a Pallet Lifter?

A pallet lifter is a tool used in the construction industry generally, to lift pallets which may be used to transport goods or equipment. It has the same kind of functionality as forklift forks.

What are car lifters?

Usually when someone is talking about lifters with cars they are talking about the hydraulic lifters inside the engine that come in contact with the cam and lubricate the push rods that control the valves in each individual cylinder. Sometimes I've heard people mention lifters when talking about the ( Full Answer )

What is a solid lifter?

This type of lifter, unlike its hydraulic counterpart, has no moving internal parts. This means it has no self-adjusting capability and therefore needs to have the rockers adjusted to give a certain amount of working clearance.

What mass of a body can a weight lifter lift on Jupiter if it can lift 100kg mass on earth?

-- The acceleration of gravity on Earth is 9.807 m/s 2 . -- The acceleration of gravity on Jupiter is 25.885 m/s 2 . -- The acceleration of gravity on Jupiter, and therefor the weight of an object taken there from Earth, is 2.639 times what it is on Earth. -- So in order to duplicat ( Full Answer )

What is the weight of a magnetic lifter?

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What is a flour lifter?

Perhaps you mean a flour sifter? A sieve enclosed in a metal cylinder open at the bottom. You put the flour in the top and repeated squeezing of the handle causes narrow metal scrapers to rotate back and forth across the internal surface of the sieve mesh - this causes the flour loaded in top to dro ( Full Answer )

Where can one find information on weight lifters?

There are information about weight lifting in books, magazines, and websites. Exercises and machines or weights to do weight lifting can be found at many stores. Before beginning any weight lifting be sure to talk to your doctor.

What food would a weight lifter eat to bulk up?

Some of the different types of food that a weight lifter could eat to bulk up are items high in protein such as meat, chicken, nuts, milk, and even granola as well.

Why do weight lifters need protein?

Proteins are the basic building blocks for muscles, and weightlifters need a lot of muscles. So they need a bit more protein thanthe rest of us.

What are the forces acting on a weight lifter and weights?

(using squats for the sake of explanation) The lifter exerts an action force on the weight, which is in the opposite direction to gravity. The lifters shoulders also experience the reaction force (from the weight - otherwise, the weight would pass through the lifter or vice versa). The feet of the ( Full Answer )